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Remembering the 5th & 9th Londons; 9th October 1916

Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval; last resting place of seven of the men listed below.

Of the 692 British Army officers and men who lost their lives on this day, 9th October 1916, no fewer than 369 have no known grave and are commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. The 5th London Regiment and the 9th London Regiment lost particularly heavily on this day and I list the casualties below as recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Here, the regimental numbers really tell the story. Of the 116 5th London men who died on this day, 83 were still officially regarded as missing when the Territorial Force was re-numbered in early 1917 and were issued with new six-digit numbers. Many of them would never be found. Only eleven of these men have known graves.

5th London Regiment casualties, 9th October 1916

304076 Rifleman Alfred D Alexander 
302541 Rifleman Percy Mayston Allnutt 
302221 Rifleman Philip Leight Anthony 
302813 Rifleman Frederick William Basil Ayres 
302058 Rifleman Stanley Barney 
304098 Rifleman James Baxter 
10010 Lance Corporal Henry G Bennett 
10658 Rifleman George Biggs 
10522 Rifleman Oliver Albion Boddy 
302814 Rifleman Herbert N Bridgman 
302620 Rifleman Thomas William Bridgman 
302652 Rifleman Horace C F Brook
302082 Rifleman Arnold Brown 
302203 Rifleman John Thomas Buckingham 
302079 Rifleman John Burden 
302580 Rifleman Stanley Arthur Burgess 
135 Lance Corporal William Murray Chapman 
303962 Rifleman John Cleminson 
304132 Rifleman Albert Collop 
4466 Rifleman Leonard A Cook 
302878 Rifleman John B Cooper 
302085 Rifleman Stanley A Crook
4744 Rifleman Herbert W Crowter 
302829 Rifleman R Daw 
4775 Rifleman Albert E Dawes 
301846 Rifleman Ernest Alfred Day 
302596 Rifleman Leonard W Dixon 
301277 Rifleman George Draper 
302867 Rifleman Cecil H Dunkerton 
302086 Rifleman Wilfred Dunlop 
304145 Corporal Harry Dyer 
304022 Rifleman Leonard Eldridge 
302033 Rifleman John J Ellt 
10054 Rifleman William Faunch 
301926 Rifleman George H E Fenwick 
2888 Lance Corporal George J Figgins 
301425 Rifleman Maurice E Foster 
304173 Rifleman Charles G Fox 
10046 Rifleman Edward John Freeman 
304177 Rifleman Claude Garnham 
302092 Rifleman Ernest George Garnham 
10774 Rifleman Edward Goodson 
302223 Rifleman Harold G Grant 
300909 Rifleman George Gray 
2009 Rifleman John W Graysmark 
302230 Rifleman William A Hall 
302626 Rifleman Alfred E Haward 
302191 Rifleman Harry Reginald Heasman 
3704 Rifleman Eric Walter Hemingway 
4381 Rifleman F L Hickmott 
302097 Rifleman Wilfred Victor Higgins 
302095 Rifleman Robert D Holbrook 
302096 Rifleman W G Horne 
302148 Rifleman William Reginald Hunt 
302794 Rifleman Harry Hutton 
10826 Rifleman George J Jary 
301569 Lance Serjeant Charles G Jones 
304047 Rifleman Albert V Keefe 
302629 Rifleman George James Kelson 
4688 Rifleman James W King 
302665 Rifleman Cyril C Lamb 
302072 Rifleman Harry J Last 
10856 Rifleman Herbert C Lawrence 
303956 Rifleman Albert E Madley 
303933 Rifleman Sidney D Makin 
304012 Rifleman William Mcneice 
302821 Rifleman Frank Melhuish
301915 Rifleman William George Merton 
10067 Rifleman A T W M Miles 
304065 Rifleman W Miller 
302871 Rifleman Sidney Charles James Minns 
3739 Rifleman Reginald John Moore 
10892 Rifleman Thomas W Newman 
304278 Lance Serjeant Arthur M Niven 
302011 Rifleman George William Nolan 
302060 Rifleman Cyril Arthur Vivian Oldham 
4702 Rifleman Henry Parker 
302666 Rifleman William Walter Parker 
302020 Rifleman Frank Victor Paterson 
4703 Rifleman Ernest C Phizackerley 
302061 Rifleman Geoffrey Ponting 
301781 Lance Corporal Lancelot L Redhead 
301989 Rifleman David Robbins 
9995 Serjeant William Arthur Roulston DCM 
301639 Lance Corporal Richard Rumble 
302836 Rifleman Frederick A Sach 
301435 Rifleman John H Sage 
303961 Rifleman Arthur James Sainty 
4704 Rifleman Samuel E Sampson 
3067 Rifleman Frank Thurland Sansom 
10041 Rifleman Ernest C Saunders 
303926 Rifleman Malcolm Scott 
10955 Rifleman Robert H Scott 
301880 Rifleman John Moverley Sharp 
302550 Rifleman Robert A Sherington 
302824 Rifleman Edward Walter Skinner 
301562 Rifleman Albert Smith 
304343 Rifleman George Smith 
302789 Rifleman John Somervaille 
303924 Rifleman George Stairs 
302537 Corporal Arthur John Stransom 
3387 Rifleman William J Sullivan 
304362 Lance Corporal Thomas G Tarry 
11017 Lance Corporal H J Thrussell 
3077 Rifleman Alfred Herbert Todd 
304390 Corporal Albert J Watson
301796 Rifleman Augustine Cuthbert Watts 
302601 Rifleman Ernest C West 
301193 Rifleman Joseph West 
304409 Rifleman Richard A Westbrook 
300102 Serjeant Lawrence Whitaker 
302650 Rifleman Francis Henry Willis 
301413 Rifleman Lewis Richard Wooldridge 
3844 Rifleman Herbert Martin Woolley 
3402 Rifleman William R Wright

The 9th London Regiment also lost heavily, albeit only two of their ninety casualties on this day would be issued with six digit regimental numbers in 1917. Nevertheless, the percentage of men commemorated at Thiepval is higher than the 5th London Regiment. Only four of these 9th London men have known graves.

9th London Regiment casualties, 9th October 1916

7044 Rifleman Arthur Walter Anderson 
6629 Rifleman Frederick Attridge 
6693 Rifleman Walter Fred Barnes 
7720 Rifleman John Barry 
7719 Rifleman John Thomas Barwise 
5795 Rifleman James Alexander Batchelor 
2519 Serjeant Norman Bell 
3574 Rifleman Alfred William Birbeck 
7864 Rifleman Albert Bird 
4714 Rifleman Joseph Bliss 
6633 Rifleman Stanley Edward Brewer 
4551 Rifleman Walter Bridgman 
439 Rifleman Herbert Bryanton 
6058 Rifleman Robert George Camp 
539 Lance Corporal Arthur Edward Cecil 
6051 Rifleman Harold William Child 
2872 Rifleman Sydney Cross 
6613 Rifleman H L Curtis 
5898 Rifleman William Evan Davies 
6594 Rifleman Albert Victor Day 
7056 Rifleman John Divers 
4457 Lance Corporal Edward Edwards 
393904 Lance Corporal Leoline Arthur Edwards 
6641 Rifleman George Ernest Farthing 
5455 Rifleman John Henry Gammie 
7019 Rifleman Arthur Frank Gardiner 
4847 Rifleman Alfred Mitchell Gladman 
4857 Rifleman Edwin John Gladman 
5335 Rifleman Charles William Hammerton 
7552 Rifleman William Septimus Harrison 
4520 Rifleman William Arthur Herron 
6727 Rifleman Francis Hickman 
6765 Rifleman Alfred Charles Hobrough 
7910 Rifleman Bertram Hull 
4306 Rifleman Charles Edwin Hunt 
7900 Rifleman Harold Frederick Hyde 
7511 Rifleman Sidney Frank Hyne 
4991 Rifleman Frank Jarvis 
4401 Rifleman Henry William Kellaway 
6655 Rifleman Percy Reginald Kimmons 
7066 Rifleman Frank Walter King 
6610 Rifleman Clarence Kingsbury 
1485 Corporal George Harry Edgar Kirby
6662 Rifleman Arthur Herbert Lathan 
6663 Rifleman William Oscar Lee 
4197 Rifleman Charles Thomas Lester 
4947 Rifleman Daniel Levy 
4400 Rifleman Joseph Seward Mahony 
7610 Rifleman William John Makepeace 
7028 Rifleman James Agamemnon Mckechnie 
6667 Rifleman Ernest Arthur Meachen 
1246 Rifleman Eli John Montgomery 
2631 Rifleman Clifford Stanley Moult 
3364 Rifleman Garrett Thomas Moynihan 
5218 Rifleman William Albert Musk 
5904 Rifleman Walter Cecil Myatt 
2634 Rifleman Vivian Frederick Noakes 
5734 Rifleman Alfred Harry Nugent MM 
5457 Rifleman William Thomas Orton 
4509 Rifleman Albert Ernest Oulds 
4066 Rifleman J A Parkinson 
7032 Rifleman Frank Parsons 
393633 Rifleman Albert William Patch 
6670 Rifleman Samuel Perry 
2653 Rifleman John Robert Potter 
7691 Rifleman George Leslie Price 
7076 Rifleman Cecil Holliwell Pudge 
6673 Rifleman Arthur Louis Pulford 
7666 Rifleman William Ramsay 
6780 Rifleman Thomas Rawlings 
6783 Rifleman Charles Edward Rowe 
5578 Rifleman Alfred Cushing Russell 
5661 Rifleman Ernest Frederick Edward Sabberton 
1608 Serjeant Harry Francis Salter 
6632 Rifleman Richard Saunders 
7541 Rifleman Alfred George Shaw 
6053 Rifleman Thomas William Sizer 
2479 Rifleman Harold Smith 
2074 Lance Serjeant Thomas Richard Spikes 
6750 Rifleman George Stebbings 
7623 Rifleman Stanley Harry George Stephens 
1753 Corporal John Lewis Sterckx 
7694 Rifleman George Henry Summerton 
6696 Rifleman Alfred James Vale 
7655 Rifleman Herbert Henry Watson 
6759 Rifleman Henry George Wayland 
7083 Rifleman Claude James Wheatley 
4481 Rifleman Reginald Henry Whorwood 
5887 Rifleman George Gilbert Beaton Wood 
6731 Rifleman Albert Shreeve Woods

Both the 5th and the 9th London Regiment formed part of the 169th Brigade in the 56th (London Division) and all of these men lost their lives in the bitter fighting around Longueval. 

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

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