Monday, 24 October 2016

Mercantile Marine casualties - 24th October 2016

Remembering the following men of the Mercantile Marine who lost their lives one hundred years ago today, on 24th October 1916, whilst serving aboard SS Framfield and SS North Wales.

SS Framfield, a steel screw steamer laid down in 1894, was sunk by a mine.  SS North Wales, another cargo ship, was torpedoed off the Scilly Isles. All of the men listed below are commemorated on Lutyens's Mercantile Marine Memorial at Tower Hill, London (image above courtesy of Wikipedia).

SS Framfield

Fireman Charles Eckhof 
Donkeyman Charles George Gustavson 
Fireman James Robson 
Master Sampson Still Clark 
Able Seaman Thomas Henry Dale 
Second Mate Thomas Llewellyn Mcfadden

SS North Wales 

Second Mate Charles Hardy 
Apprentice Charles Edward Reed 
Fireman and Trimmer David Edwards 
Third Mate Edgar Noel Sharp 
Fireman and Trimmer Edward Tuomi 
Fireman and Trimmer Erik Pedersen 
Second Engineer Frank Rayner 
Fourth Engineer Officer Fredrick Augustus
Crane Master Griffith Owen 
Third Engineer Henry Boyes Stanforth 
Able Seaman Hjalmar Saarena 
Ship's Cook James Cuivelair 
Assistant Cook Steward James Davies 
Ordinary Seaman Leonard Barnby 
First Mate Owen Jones 
Donkeyman Richard Hughes 
Storekeeper Richard Williams 
Sailor Richard David Griffith 
Boatswain and Lamps Robert William Jones 
Mess Room Steward Thomas Henry Waite 
Fireman and Trimmer Tom Dick 
Steward Walter Harrison 
Carpenter William Williams 
Fireman and Trimmer T Appelgren 
Fireman and Trimmer E Hultman 
Able Seaman P Jacobsen 
Fireman and Trimmer L Willeims 
Able Seaman Gustaf Adolf Sundvall

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM

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