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Great Eastern Railway war dead 1914-1918

The following men, all former employees of the Great Eastern Railway, lost their lives during the First World War. There are 1,388 men remembered here.

This roll call is taken from the National Railway Museum's database of Fallen Railwaymen. The photograph, courtesy of Wikipedia, shows the re-sited memorial to Great Eastern Railway employees at Liverpool Street Station, London. Click on the Fallen Railwaymen link to find out more information about the men below.

William Tunnage  Abbott  Honourable Artillery Company, 2nd Battalion  15-03-17
Abbott  East Surrey Regiment  13-10-17
John  Adams  Royal Field Artillery, 29th Battery, 42nd Brigade  13-09-14
Ernest  Adams  Bedfordshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  18-09-18
Charles George  Adams  Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion  01-07-15
A C  Adams  Coldstream Guards, 4th Battalion  14-08-17
A C  Adams  Coldstream Guards, 4th Battalion  14-09-17
Richard  Adcock  Suffolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  26-09-16
Alan Cecil  Aldis  Middlesex Regiment, 13th Battalion  13-10-18
E J W  Aldous  Royal Navy, HMS Pembroke  05-04-16
Phillip  Aldridge  London Regiment, 2nd/3rd Battalion (Royal Fusiliers)  26-10-17
Percy Walter  Allen  Border Regiment, 1st Battalion  19-10-16
Ernest  Allen  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  03-07-16
F [Frank Herbert]  Allum  Royal Fusiliers [4th Battalion]  14-09-14
George E  Alston  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) [2nd Royal West Surrey regiment]  07-11-14
Sidney  Alvin  London Regiment, City of London Rifles  30-10-17
Henry Christian [Christopher]  Amendt  County of London Yeomanry (Westminster Dragoons), A Squadron 2nd Battalion  14-08-17
Walter Ernest  Anderson  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  23-04-17
William Henry  Andrews  London Regiment, 18th Battalion (London Irish Rifles) posted 2nd Battalion  16-08-17
William  Andrews  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 8th Battalion  20-07-17
Lancelot Charles Victor  Andrews  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  17-12-17
GE  Andrews       
George Ernest  Andrews [Andrewes]  Middlesex Regiment, 1/7th Battalion Duke of Cambridge's Own  26-06-16
Edward John  Anthony  Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 5th Battalion  15-08-15
T A  Archer  Rifle Brigade, 3rd Battalion  26-04-16
John Henry  Argent  Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  08-05-15
A [Albert]  Arno  Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry [3rd Coldstream Guards]  13-11-16
G W  Arnold  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Vienna  20-06-17
Henry Horace F  Arrah  Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment, 2nd Battalion  12-10-16
Alfred  Ashby  West Yorkshire Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  05-11-18
William  Ashton  Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  08-05-15
Thomas Buck  Ashton  Lincolnshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  02-04-18
Harold  Ashton  Lincolnshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  25-03-16
John Arthur  Aston  Royal Engineers, ROD, 41st Broad Gauge Operating Company  08-08-18
William Frank  Atkins  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Territorials  29-07-15
WF  Atkins       
AJ  Atkins       
W C  Attewell  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion  18-08-16
George Thomas John  Auker  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  01-07-16
James Richard  Austin  Devonshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  06-09-16
Henry Robert  Austin  Hertfordshire Regiment [Bedfordshire Regiment, 4th Battalion]  27-05-17
George  Austin  Royal Field Artillery, 97 Brigade, C Battery  09-12-15
Chris  Austin  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  09-04-17
Frederick George  Aylott  London Regiment, 2nd/10th Battalion, A Company  24-08-18
William Frederick  Bacon  Royal Navy, HMS Black Prince  31-05-16
Francis Herbert  Baines  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  01-07-16
Sidney Lawrence  Baker  Bedfordshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  28-06-17
Bertie Charles  Baldry  Royal Garrison Artillery, 6th Siege Battery  23-04-18
Alfred Harold  Baldry  Labour Corps, 68th Company  07-07-17
Arthur Samuel  Baldwin  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion, B Company  30-11-17
Harold Percy  Balls  King's (Liverpool Regiment), 1st/8th Battalion attd 164 Trench Mortar Battery  19-11-17
Frederick Leonard  Balls  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  03-07-16
CF  Balls       
C F [Charles Francis]  Balls [Ball]  Royal Fusiliers, 6th Battalion [2nd Battalion]  06-06-15
Whitley William Charles  Barber  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Newmarket  17-07-17
Leonard Fredrick  Barber  Suffolk Regiment, 12th Battalion  27-07-18
Barber  Lincolnshire Regiment  12-05-16
Charles Stanley  Barber  East Yorkshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  09-03-16
Charles Frederick Barbridge  Barber  Royal Engineers, 510th (London) Field Company  24-06-17
George  Barker  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion, C Company  10-01-15
Basil Claud  Barker  London Regiment, 10th Battalion  13-06-17
Archie Robert  Barker  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  26-03-18
John Frederick  Barnard  Royal Army Medical Corps, 2nd/ 1st East Anglian Field Ambulance  26-07-17
W H [Herbert Walter]  Barnes  Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment), 16th Battalion  12-09-17
W G  Barnes  Royal Engineers (2nd Field Survey Company]  22-07-17
Frederic Charles  Barnes  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  18-11-14
FC  Barnes       
William  Barnes  Lancers, 21st [2nd East Surrey Regiment)  27-04-15
WH  Barnes       
William  Barr  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  21-03-18
William Edward  Barrett  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  21-09-15
W G  Barrett  Royal Field Artillery, 149 Brigade, D Battery  17-05-18
R W E  Barrett  Middlesex Regiment, 5th Battalion [2nd Battalion]  12-03-15
Edmund  Barry  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 5th Battalion  22-10-15
Charles Samuel  Barton  Royal Engineers, 'O' Cable Section  15-07-17
Harry  Bartram  Suffolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  16-09-16
Albert Edward  Bass  Essex Regiment [East Surrey Regiment, 8th Battalion]  16-08-17
William Edwin  Bates  Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion  29-03-17
Stanley Walter  Baxter  Royal Fusiliers, 1st Battalion  11-10-18
Baxter  Suffolk Regiment, 12th Battalion  19-10-18
Francis Henry  Baxter  North Staffordshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  18-04-18
Peter Charles  Bayford  Northamptonshire Regiment  03-11-18
Charles  Bayley  Royal Navy, HMS Goliath  13-05-15
John Henry  Beagle  Royal Fusiliers, City of London Regt, 3rd Battalion  28-11-15
Herbert  Beamiss  Bedfordshire Regiment, 5th Battalion  30-12-17
Lawrence Frederick  Bear  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  20-07-16
John  Beasey [Beasy]  East Yorkshire Regiment, 3rd (Hull) Battalion [12th Battalion]  01-02-15
George Ernest  Becker  Northamptonshire Regiment, 6th Battalion [C Coy, 2nd Battalion]  14-03-15
Frederick Henry  Beechey  Essex Regiment, 1st/7th Battalion  02-11-17
Edgar G  Beeton  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)  26-10-18
Arthur George  Belcher  Royal Field Artillery  08-10-15
Frederick Ernest  Belding  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion, B Company  12-08-15
CJ  Bell       
Charles James  Bell  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  10-08-17
Amos John  Bell  Royal Fusiliers, 10th Battalion  19-05-18
Victor Joseph John  Bellward  Suffolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  10-08-17
Percival  Beman  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  01-07-16
Herbert Matthew  Benstead  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  04-08-16
Leonard Ernest  Benton  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  28-10-15
J W 'Jack'  Benton  Royal Air Force  31-05-18
JF  Berney       
J F [James]  Berney [Burney]  London Regiment, 17th (County of London)  16-05-15
E [Stanley}  Berwick  King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 6th Battalion (formerly 6932, Regiment of Cavalry, 19th Hussars)  31-08-15
John Ernest  Bessey  Royal Naval Reserve, HM Drifter 'Pelagia'  28-11-16
William  Best  Essex Regiment, 5th Reserve Battalion  11-01-15
William Charles  Bibbing  London Regiment, 6th Battalion (City of London Rifles)  20-05-17
Bickmore  Royal Field Artillery, 83 Brigade, C Battery  22-07-17
W R  Biggs  Royal Field Artillery, 310th Brigade, D Battery  06-03-17
Robert Henry  Bird  Royal Naval Reserve, HMML '16'  05-06-18
Edwin  Bird  York and Lancaster Regiment, 2nd Battalion, E Company  29-10-14
George  Bishop  Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment, 1st Battalion  31-10-14
Sidney George  Blackburn  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  23-03-18
Gilbert  Blackburn  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  28-04-17
Arthur Francis  Blackney  Leicestershire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  25-09-15
H C  Blake  Bedfordshire Regiment, 7th Battalion  25-10-17
EA  Blake       
Arthur Edgar [Edgar Arthur]  Blake  Royal Army Medical Corps  20-03-17
Herbert  Blakeley  Manchester Regiment, 2nd Battalion, D Company  27-02-18
WG  Blythe       
W G  Blythe [Blyth]  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  01-07-16
William George  Bohannon [Bohannan]  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  23-10-18
William John  Bolton  London Regiment, 1st/23rd Battalion  16-09-16
Arthur Henry  Bond  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 1st Battalion  27-10-14
Arthur Frederick  Bone  London Regiment, 2nd/1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers  16-06-17
Alfred Philip  Bone  Royal Engineers, 34th Divisional Signal Company  28-10-17
FS  Bones       
Frank Stanley  Bones  Royal Fusiliers, 7th Battalion  07-09-18
R R [Reginald Lockley]  Bonsall  London Regiment, 17th Battalion (County, TF)  13-06-15
A G [O G]  Bonsor  Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 10th Battalion  25-08-17
Frederick  Booker  County of London Regiment [44 Company, Machine Gun Corps]  01-09-16
Jesse Noel Clarke  Booth  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  12-11-15
W J  Borley  Northamptonshire Regiment, 3rd Battalion  15-11-18
Frederick George  Boteler  Manchester Regiment, 2nd Battalion  07-10-17
J G C  Bouffler  Middlesex Regiment, 17th Battalion  11-09-17
F R  Boulden  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  18-10-18
Percy John  Boultwood  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  02-08-16
George  Bradley  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  18-12-16
Edward John  Brand  Royal Engineers, 96th Light Railway Company  04-02-19
Bray  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  04-06-16
Walter  Brewster  Suffolk Regiment, 3rd Battalion [7th Battalion]  26-04-15
Ernest  Brewster  Essex Regiment, 3rd Battalion  04-05-17
E J  Brewster  Royal Field Artillery, 45 Brigade, 5 Battery  11-11-16
Arthur Henry  Brewster  Bedfordshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  22-03-18
William  Bridges  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  25-09-15
Alfred John  Bridges  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 2nd Battalion  02-04-17
Thomas Henry  Briggs  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/4th (T) Battalion  26-08-15
John Henry  Brightwell  County of London Regiment  15-09-16
George  Brinded  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Retriever [HM Trawler 'Boy Roy']  09-05-16
J H  Brinicombe  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 1st Battalion  09-04-17
Charles Alfred  Brittain  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion, D Company  14-10-16
Ernest Arthur  Broadbent  Somerset Light Infantry, 8th Battalion  25-08-18
EA  Broadbent       
Fred Cecil  Brothers  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 2nd/ 1st Battalion  18-05-17
Walter Thomas  Brown  London Regiment, 17th Battalion  01-09-18
Robert  Brown  Essex Regiment, 12th Battalion [11th Battalion]  18-05-16
Brown     04-10-18
Arthur William  Brown  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  06-05-15
WEO [Ernest]  Bruce  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  20-07-16
Herbert Arthur  Bruce  Middlesex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  01-07-16
EWO  Bruce       
Ernest John  Bruce  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  31-07-16
Charles James  Bruce  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 9th Battalion  10-04-17
RV  Brundish       
Reginald Victor  Brundish  Royal Field Artillery, 35 Divisional Ammunition Column  17-07-16
HT  Brunwin-Hales       
Henry Tooke  Brunwin-Hales  Lincolnshire Regiment, 2nd/4th Battalion [1st/4th]  13-10-15
Robert Edward  Bugg  Yeomanry [Middlesex Regiment, 12th Battalion]  27-10-16
Horace George  Bugg  Northumberland Fusiliers, 8th Battalion  18-08-16
Ernest Thomas  Bullett  Coldstream Guards, 5th Reserve Battalion  10-02-15
Alfred Edgar  Bulling  London Regiment, 12th Battalion (The Rangers)  05-11-18
John  Bunce  Wiltshire Regiment [Leinster regiment, 6th Battalion]  24-08-15
William Charles  Bunfield  Royal Engineers, Railway Operating Division  27-02-17
George Charles Edward  Burfield  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 7th Battalion  24-10-17
Richard Ellis  Burford  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  08-10-18
A H  Burgess  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  15-07-16
WE  Burleigh       
Walter Edward  Burleigh  Royal Garrison Artillery, 166th Siege Battery  02-10-17
FW  Burrous       
Frederick William  Burrows  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)  21-08-18
Ernest Frank  Burrows  Essex Regiment, 1st/7th Battalion  25-04-17
Arthur Edward  Bush  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  11-05-17
C H  Butcher  Royal Field Artillery, West Ham Battalion [C Battery, 180th Brigade]  25-09-16
Henry George  Butler  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  19-04-16
Walter Stanley  Butterfield  Grenadier Guards, 4th Battalion  12-10-17
EE  Butterwarth       
Ernest Ethelbert  Butterworth  Essex Regiment [London Regiment, 5th Battalion (London Rifle Brigade)]  11-10-16
Sidney Samuel  Button  East Surrey Regiment, 8th Battalion  04-11-19
Buxton  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  06-04-18
Frederick  Bycroft  Royal Engineers, 2nd Light Railway Company  03-02-19
Frederick John  Bye  Royal Army Medical Corps, 88th Field Ambulance  30-11-17
Christopher R  Bye  Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  11-05-16
Wilfred H  Cable  Royal Field Artillery, 55 Div Amm Column attached 55 Trench Mortar Battery  11-04-17
Frank Ernest  Caldecoat  Royal Engineers, ROD [West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own), 2nd/5th Battalion]  20-07-18
Arthur  Canham  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 1st Battalion  08-12-16
John  Cannell  Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion, C Company  07-10-18
Carr  York and Lancaster Regiment, 2nd Battalion  24-12-15
SG  Carr       
Herbert Orten  Carr  Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion  30-07-16
Carr  Royal Engineers, 110th Railway Company  14-02-19
Wesley  Carter  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  22-04-18
Richard  Carter  Royal Field Artillery, 44th Brigade  20-01-15
George  Carter  Middlesex Regiment, 11th Battalion  12-10-16
Sidney Harry [Sydney]  Casey  Royal Field Artillery, 1st/1st (North Midland) Heavy Battery  06-11-18
GW  Casson       
George William  Casson  Royal Fusiliers, 11th Battalion  26-09-16
Joseph  Castro  Royal Engineers (ROD)  29-01-19
James  Catchpoole [Catchpool]  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion]  27-06-15
Osborne William  Cater  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  22-08-18
George  Cawston  Royal Engineers, 2nd/2nd (London) Field Company  23-09-16
Arthur Leslie  Cecil  London Regiment, 1st/3rd Battalion (Royal Fusiliers), D Company  10-03-15
Frederick John  Chalkley  Royal Fusiliers, 9th Battalion  05-12-17
Frederick William  Challice  Suffolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  23-10-15
Charles Sydney  Challis  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  14-04-17
Alfred Godfrey  Challis  London Regiment, 1st/24th Battalion  17-09-16
William  Chambers  London Regiment, 6th Battalion City of London Rifles  26-01-16
Victor John  Chambers  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 10th Battalion  30-11-17
Cecil Gervoise  Chandler  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  20-07-16
Percy James  Chanter  Royal Field Artillery, 152nd Brigade, B Battery  27-04-18
Edward Charles [Charles Edward]  Chaplin  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  20-07-16
DH  Chaplin       
David James  Chaplin  Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  08-05-15
David Henry  Chaplin  Leicestershire Regiment, 8th Battalion, B Company  15-07-16
CE  Chaplin       
Walter  Chapman  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Louvain  21-01-18
Sydney Victor  Chapman  Northumberland Fusiliers, 8th Battalion  11-06-17
Lewis Parkinson  Chapman  Northamptonshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  05-08-18
Frederick  Chapman  Royal Fusiliers, 1st Battalion  31-07-17
Charles Henry  Chapman  Royal Fusiliers, 4th Battalion  24-07-16
AS  Chapman       
Arthur Albert  Chapman  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Vienna  31-10-18
Alec Sidney  Chapman  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  26-09-15
Thomas  Charnick  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  16-08-17
Victor Charles  Cheek  Rifle Brigade, 9th Battalion  22-10-17
Thomas William  Chenery  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion  30-08-16
Roland Clifford  Chilvers  London Regiment, 15th Battalion (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)  28-07-17
Leonard Melville  Chilvers  East Surrey Regiment, 8th Battalion  13-10-17
Henry  Chilvers  Suffolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  17-09-18
Bertie James Frederick  Chittleburgh  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  30-05-18
William Hubbard  Chittock  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Newmarket  17-07-17
Joseph  Church  Suffolk Regiment [Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion)  19-07-16
Churchyard  Royal Navy    
Joseph Harry [Henry]  Clampin  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  12-10-17
Frederick Russell  Claridge  Middlesex Regiment, 12th Battalion  26-10-16
William Jarratt  Clark  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  18-10-16
Sidney Herbert  Clark  Middlesex Regiment, 18th Battalion  27-09-16
RR  Clark       
Reginald Walter  Clark  Grenadier Guards, 1st Battalion, King's Company  14-09-16
Henry  Clark  Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion  16-05-15
Arthur James  Clark  Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion  26-08-14
Clark  Dragoon Guards, 4th Battalion (Royal Irish)  28-03-18
Robert Richard  Clark[e]  Essex Regiment, 6th Battalion  07-08-15
William  Clarke  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  25-10-18
Robert  Clarke  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Clacton  22-10-15
Reuben Robert  Clarke  Royal Field Artillery, 35 Battery  21-06-15
LW  Clarke       
Frederick Lewis  Clarke  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 17th Battalion  22-03-18
AJ  Clarke       
Fred  Clarke [Clark]  Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  10-10-17
HCF  Claydon       
Herbert  Claydon [Clayden]  Essex Regiment, 9th Battalion  10-08-18
Sidney John  Cleall  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 1st Battalion  25-09-15
Leonard Arthur  Cleathero  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  16-08-16
George Andrew  Clifford  Rifle Brigade, 7th Battalion  10-04-18
Bertie John  Clover  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 10th Battalion  25-10-18
Clover  Labour Corps, 432nd Agricultural Company  04-11-18
Cobb  York and Lancaster Regiment  26-06-15
John Evlyn  Cockerton  Royal Garrison Artillery, 152nd Heavy Battery  31-10-18
Coe  Welsh Regiment, 2nd Battalion  12-01-15
WS  Coleman       
Walter Sidney  Coleman  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion [7th Battalion]  04-11-15
Frederick Ernest  Collins  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  28-04-18
H S  Conley  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 42nd Battalion  06-06-18
John Jonah  Cook  Royal Engineers (ROD), 18th Light Railway Operating Company  09-04-19
George  Cook  East Surrey Regiment, 7th Battalion  13-08-16
Frederick [Johnson]  Cook  Essex Regiment, 11th Battalion [3rd City of London Royal Fusiliers]  12-10-15
Ernest Samuel  Cook  Royal Field Artillery, C Battery, 100th Brigade  23-08-16
Edward Joseph  Cook  Royal Fusiliers, 11th Battalion  17-02-17
Charles Wilfred  Cook  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion, B Company  27-03-18
Charles  Cook  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  17-10-16
Noel Hannant  Cooke  Royal Army Medical Corps, 36th Field Ambulane (attached Coldstream Guards)  01-08-15
Albert Victor  Cooke  Royal Field Artillery, 14 Brigade, A Battery  11-05-18
LDJ  Cooper       
John  Cooper  Rifle Brigade, 1st Battlion, C Company  01-07-16
Cooper  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  14-10-17
D J L  Cooper  Royal Engineers, Railway Operating Department  21-08-16
Samuel Oscar  Copping  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  28-04-17
Reginald Leon  Corder  Royal Fusiliers, 53rd Battalion (Training Reserve)  10-11-18
Thomas Herbert  Corn  London Regiment (London Irish Rifles), 1st/18th Battalion, A Company  22-03-18
Syndey  Cornish  Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion  10-08-15
FC  Cornwall       
Frederick Charles  Cornwell  Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 10th Battalion  17-07-17
Lindsay Thomas  Courtney  East Surrey Regiment, 8th Battalion  01-07-16
EE  Covell       
Edward E  Covill  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 52nd Battalion  29-11-18
William George  Cowell  Royal Garrison Artillery, 63rd Siege Battery  24-09-18
WG  Cowell       
A E  Cowell  Norfolk Yeomanry  29-01-21
Walter  Cox  Royal Fusiliers, 1st City of London Battalion, C Company  05-01-16
Samuel Edgar [Edgar Samuel]  Cox  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  12-08-15
Albert Charles  Cox  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  12-10-16
TWJ  Coxall       
Thomas William Jacob  Coxell  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  06-05-15
George Edward  Cracknell  London Regiment, 7th Battalion  18-10-18
Arthur Benjamin  Cracknell  Royal Field Artillery, 23 Brigade, D Battery  13-06-18
Arthur  Cracknell  Northamptonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion  19-12-16
GJ  Crawley       
George J  Crawley  Royal Garrison Artillery, 324th Siege Battery  21-03-18
Thomas  Creasey [Creasy]  King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion [2nd Yorkshire Regiment]  09-11-14
John Alfred  Cripps  Machine Gun Corps, 41st Battalion  21-03-19
W S  Crisp  Royal Fusiliers, City of London Regiment [2/7th London Regiment]  08-08-18
FW  Crisp       
Ebenezer  Crisp  Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, 1st Battalion  18-04-15
Bertie James  Crisp  Royal Fusiliers, 1oth Battalion, C Company  21-08-18
Frederick William  Crispe [Crisp]  King's Liverpool Regiment, 8th (Irish) Battalion  11-09-18
Albert  Croft [s]  King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 7th Battalion, attached 7th Rifle Brigade  04-04-18
Robert Charles  Crome  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  09-05-15
Alfred C  Crooks  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  21-11-18
Thomas  Crotch  Middlesex Regiment, 4th Battalion  21-10-18
William George  Croucher  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 1st Battalion  14-02-18
WG  Croucher       
Richard James  Crow  Royal Fusiliers, 23rd Battalion  27-07-16
Ernest William  Crown  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion [4th Battalion]  27-03-18
EF  Cullen       
E F  Cullen  Rifle Brigade, 10th Battalion  04-08-16
Harry  Cunningham  Royal Navy, HMS Newmarket  01-06-16
George William [William]  Cunnington  Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 1st/7th Battalion  11-08-17
Thomas Henry B  Curtis  Royal Field Artillery, 71st Brigade, C Battery  28-03-18
William Frederick  Cuthbert  Essex Regiment, 11th Battalion  21-03-18
Cutmore  Royal Engineers, 277 Railway Company  28-06-17
James W  Dale  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  13-07-16
Percy James  Damant  London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles), 15th Battalion  16-09-16
Ernest  Dann  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  16-12-14
Francis Henry  Darlow  Royal Engineers, 23rd Divisional Signal Company  10-10-17
Robert William [William Robert]  Davey  Royal Engineers, 1st/2nd Field Company  28-07-15
John  Davies  Royal Engineers (ROD), 12th Light Railway Operating Company  28-11-18
Francis Daniel  Dawes  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  10-01-15
George Albert  Dawson  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  20-10-17
William J  Day  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  06-08-15
W F B  Day  Royal Naval Air Service  04-11-18
Henry John  Day  North Staffordshire Regiment, 3rd Battalion  22-05-19
George W  Day  Royal Fusiliers, 3rd Battalion  24-04-15
C P  Day  Essex Regiment, 1st/7th Battalion  04-11-15
Harry  Dedman  Royal Field Artillery, 15 Brigade, 52 Battery  09-10-17
James George  Delderfield  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Tipperary  31-05-16
Alexander Robert  Delf  Royal Field Artillery, 169th Brigade, D Battery  13-10-18
Harry  Diggins  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  13-09-16
Lewis Frank  Dixon  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 2nd/2nd Battalion  15-06-17
Sidney  Dobby  King's Royal Rifle Corps [Rifle Brigade, 10th Battalion]  13-06-17
FT  Doe       
Frank  Dorling  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  14-04-17
Robert Stanley  Double  Suffolk Regiment, 15th Battalion  13-08-18
John James  Downey  Lincolnshire Regiment, 7th Battalion  19-12-15
S W  Downham  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 88 Company  25-04-17
Charles Richard  Draper  Essex Regiment, 13th Battalion  13-11-16
William  Dredge  Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion  11-11-14
George  Drew  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 7th Battalion  09-05-17
Fred William  Dunkley  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  01-07-16
GW  Durbridge       
George W  Durbridge [Durbidge]  Machine Gun Corps, 12th Battalion  15-12-18
HH  Dyer       
George Henry  Dyer  Northamptonshire Regiment [Royal Fusiliers, 12th Battalion]  01-08-17
Dyke  Rifle Brigadem 16th Battalion  26-04-18
Arthur Reuben  Dyson  Royal Garrison Artillery    
W T  Eade  Machine Gun Corps [Rifle Brigade, 9th Battalion]  22-04-18
Benjamin George  Eade  Royal Fusiliers, 11th Battalion, C Company  22-09-18
Clifford  Eagling  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 5th Battalion  13-10-15
Frank Arthur  Earey  York and Lancaster Regiment, 3rd Battalion [1st Battalion, C Company]  23-08-16
Ernest William  Eary  Essex Regiment, 13th Battalion  14-11-16
William Ernest  East  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  01-07-16
Albert H [Albert George]  Eastwood  Royal Garrison Artillery, 2nd East Anglian (Essex) Battery  27-11-18
Herbert James  Ede  Hertfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  15-11-17
Alfred  Edey  Royal Fusiliers, 6th Battalion [9th Battalion]  13-04-16
James William  Edis  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  15-03-15
Eric Herbert  Edmunds  East Surrey Regiment, 12th Battalion  25-03-18
Ronald Edward [Edgar]  Edwards  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  03-05-17
James Benjamin  Edwards  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  08-04-18
G W  Edwards  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 11th Battalion  21-03-18
EV  Edwards       
Ernest Edwin  Edwards  London Regiment, 1st/6th Battalion (City of London Rifles), B Company  15-09-16
Edward Victor  Edwards  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  07-05-18
CJ  Edwards       
Charles  Edwards  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 9th Battalion  30-07-15
Arthur Dan  Edwards  Grenadier Guards, 1st Battalion, King's Company  05-06-15
Victor James  Eggett  Royal Air Force, 192nd Squadron  21-11-18
VJ  Eggott       
Godfrey Leonard Hobart  Egremont  Manchester Regiment, 8th Battalion  02-05-18
GL  Egremont       
George E  Eldred  Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  14-11-14
Albert William  Elgie  Royal Army Medical Corps, 35th Field Ambulance  10-10-18
James  Elms  Royal Navy, HMS Marmion  21-10-17
Frank Henry  Elms  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  05-01-15
Ernest Alfred  Elwood [Ellwood]  Middlesex Regiment, 13th Battalion  11-01-17
George  Emery  Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, 2nd Battalion  26-08-14
CV  Emmerson       
Claud Victor  Emmerson  Lancashire Fusiliers, 10th Battalion  16-10-17
FJ  Estoll       
AE  Evans       
A E [Albert Edward]  Evans     24-07-18
ET  Evans       
Edward Tilney  Evans  Royal Flying Corps (Stonehenge)  19-02-18
Albert William  Evans  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  06-01-15
Charles  Everard  Royal Air Force, 12 Squadron  26-04-19
William  Evers  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 2nd/4th Battalion  17-12-17
Herbert Scott  Everson  Royal Engineers  06-11-17
TM  Ewing       
Thomas M  Ewing  Royal Field Artillery  20-12-15
C [Thomas Charles]  Fairchild  Essex Regiment, 6th Battalion  02-03-17
Joseph  Fall  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  11-08-17
H H  Farman  London Regiment (London Scottish), 2nd/14th Battalion, A Company  06-01-18
William Roland  Felton  Royal Air Force, 203rd Training Depot Station  02-07-18
William Edward  Fendick  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  03-03-15
George  Fenn  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 4th Battalion  05-11-18
WH  Fenner       
E C E  Fiddy  Royal Fusiliers  09-04-18
Albert Stanley  Fidgett  Northamptonshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  21-02-17
Bertin [Bertie]  Fifield  Niorthumberland Fusiliers, 1st/5th Battalion  26-10-17
Walter  Fitch  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Territorials  17-05-15
Frederick Thomas  Fitt  Royal Field Artillery, 270 Brigade  09-06-17
Harry  Flack  Suffolk regiment, 2nd Battalion  26-07-17
Clifford Lewellen B [Llewellyn]  Flatt  Northumberland Fusiliers, 1st/6th Battalion  06-11-18
Herbert Edward  Flatt  Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  13-10-15
Flegg  Royal Field Artillery, 104 Brigade, D Battery  19-05-17
Frederick Charles  Fleming  Essex Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Z Company  04-01-17
CL  Fletcher       
Charles Lawrence  Fletcher  Royal Field Artillery, 67 Brigade, A Battery  28-12-17
Alfred Henry  Flocks  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 8th Battalion  15-09-16
Florey  Royal Engineers, 3rd Signal Company    
Stanley Alfred  Folkard  Northamptonshire Regiment, 5th Battaliom  19-09-18
Henry  Forrester  Devonshire Regiment, 9th Battalion, D Company  01-07-16
George Alexander  Fowler  Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment), 1st Battalion  15-10-17
Walter  Fox  Essex Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion  26-03-17
George  Franklin  Northamptonshire Regiment, 3rd Battalion, attached 2nd Battalion  20-10-18
John James  Freeman  Bedfordshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion [1st Battalion]  11-05-16
Albert  Freeman  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  19-07-16
L C  French  Royal Fusiliers, 4th Battalion  31-08-18
Albert  French  Bedfordshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  17-12-15
William Harry  Friend  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  19-02-15
T F  Frith  London Regiment, 1st Battalion (Royal Fusiliers)  26-08-18
Joseph Alfred  Frost  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  13-10-16
Frederick  Frost  Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 10th Battalion  11-04-17
Christopher Leopold  Frost  Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion  27-01-19
William Frederick  Fulbrook  Machine Gun Corps(Infantry), 227 Company (formerly Rifle Brigade)  04-10-17
WF  Fulbrook       
Walter  Fuller  Border Regiment [Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion]  09-05-15
John James  Fuller  Royal Fusiliers, 4th Battalion  31-08-18
Fuller  Suffolk Regiment, 3rd Battalion  12-02-16
Alexander  Fuller  Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion  09-05-15
Alexander  Fuller  Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion  09-05-15
Harry E  Gall  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st/1st Battalion  03-09-16
Albert Edward  Gallant  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 1st Battalion  27-09-18
H A G [HGA]  Game  Royal Irish Fusiliers, 9th Battalion  04-10-18
Arthur Walter  Game  Middlesex Regiment, 1st/8th Battalion  27-08-16
J [John]  Gannon [Cannon]  King's Own Regiment, 3rd Battalion [King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, 1st Battalion]    
James  Gapes  Royal Marine Light Infantry, HMS Vanguard  09-07-17
Ernest Frederic (Eric)  Gardiner  Honourable Artillery Company (Infantry)  20-04-15
Frederick Benjamin  Garrard  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Newmarket  17-07-17
William  Garrod  Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion, B Company  08-05-15
Robert James  Garwood  Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  24-04-15
AV  Garwood       
A V  Garwood  Royal Engineers, 4th Battalion, Special Brigade  28-06-16
Charles Samuel  Gates  Norfolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion [1st Battalion]  09-10-17
AW  Gates       
Albert William  Gates  London Regiment, 2nd/15th Battalion (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)  16-10-18
Frances  Gathercole  Royal Engineers (ROD), 33rd Railway Operating Company  27-12-18
W E  Geater  Scots Guards, 3rd Battlion  19-05-18
George Harry  Gee  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)  12-08-17
George Henry  Gentry  Essex Regiment, 6th Battalion  27-03-17
William Alfred  George  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HM Drifter 'George V'  03-06-17
WA  George       
Charles Bertie  George  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battlion  23-04-17
A C  George  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 6th Battalion  28-03-18
Charles Samuel  Gibbens  Royal Scots Fusiliers, 12th Battalion  24-07-18
William John  Gibbs  Hussars, 3rd (King's Own)  27-11-17
Stanley  Gibbs  Royal Field Artillery, 64 Brigade, D Battery  05-08-17
Frederick Samuel  Gibbs  Royal Irish Rifles, 1st Battalion  31-07-17
AR  Gibbs       
Alfred Nathaniel  Gibbs  City of London Regiment, 1/7th Battalion, A Company  25-09-15
Alexander Robert  Gibbs  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 14th Battalion  03-04-18
WJ  Gibbs       
William Frederick  Fulbrook  Machine Gun Corps(Infantry), 227 Company (formerly Rifle Brigade)  04-10-17
WF  Fulbrook       
Walter  Fuller  Border Regiment [Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion]  09-05-15
John James  Fuller  Royal Fusiliers, 4th Battalion  31-08-18
Fuller  Suffolk Regiment, 3rd Battalion  12-02-16
Alexander  Fuller  Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion  09-05-15
Alexander  Fuller  Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion  09-05-15
Albert Edward  Giddings  Berkshire Regiment [Lincolnshire Regiment, 7th Battalion]  25-07-16
Alfred George  Giddons  Hampshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Y Company  09-08-16
George Frederick  Gigney  Essex Regiment [East Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/4th Battalion]  19-03-18
John W  Gilby  Bedfordshire Regiment, 4th Battalion  13-11-16
Gilder  Suffolk Regiment [Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st/1st Battalion]  16-05-16
Henry  Gill  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Territorials  21-03-15
William Arthur  Gillett  Royal Engineers, 12th Light Railway Operating Company  24-07-18
Thomas Carter  Girling  Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion  01-07-16
A T  Girling  Royal Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion  27-10-16
George Frederick  Goate  Norfolk Regiment, 10th Battalion [7th Battalion]  13-10-15
Goddard  Life Guards, 1st Battalion  19-05-18
Frederick  Godley  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  29-04-17
Charles Samuel  Goldspink  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  19-07-16
Arthur William  Goldspink  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  19-07-16
Stanley Frederick  Gooderham  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  13-10-15
William  Goodhead  Royal Marines Light Infantry  14-10-17
H J [James]  Gooding  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  06-06-15
Francis R  Gooding  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 21st Battalion  24-08-18
J H  Goodson  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 6th Battalion  19-09-18
Walter George  Goodwin  Royal Engineers [Lancashire Fusiliers, 18th Battalion]  26-03-18
Charles  Goodwin  Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS Manchuria  17-10-17
E F  Gostling  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  29-05-17
Albert  Gould  East Surrey Regiment, 2nd Battalion  24-04-15
George Leslie  Gower  Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry [5th Royal Inniskillling Fusiliers]  16-08-15
Albert Frederick  Granger  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 8th Battalion  03-02-18
Harry  Graveling  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  09-02-17
Charles  Graves  Essex Regiment  20-09-16
Gray  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  28-09-15
Frederick Charles  Gray  Royal Sussex Regiment, 13th Battalion  20-11-17
Ellis Thurston  Gray  Royal Fusiliers, 32nd Battalion  19-09-17
Albert Edward  Gray  Grenadier Guards, 2nd Battalion  28-09-18
W J W  Green  King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 9th Battalion  19-04-17
Percy Edward  Green  Northamptonshire Regiment [Labour Corps]  27-11-18
Francis John  Greenacre  Suffolk Regiment, 3rd Battalion [2nd Battalion, A Company]  05-10-15
Laurence William  Greengrass  Royal Sussex Regiment, 9th Battalion  09-10-18
EC  Griffiths       
E C  Griffiths [Griffith]  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 3rd Battalion  31-10-18
Charles David  Griggs  Royal Army Medical Corps, 4th Egyptian Stat. Hospital  05-05-18
Reginald  Grimes  Royal Engineers (ROD)  11-08-19
William John  Grimmer  Royal Field Artillery, 158 Brigade, 380 Battery  28-06-18
Albert George  Grimmer  Norfolk Regiment [Machine Gun Corps Infantry, 163rd Company]  12-07-17
Albert George  Groom  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion, machine gun section  16-12-15
EG  Grummitt       
George Ernest  Grummitt  Norfolk Regiment, 1/5th Battalion  19-08-15
Walter Sidney Theodore  Grundon  Rifle Brigade, 1st/ 5th (City of London) Battalion, C Company  10-09-16
Henry Vincent  Gullen  London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade), 5th Battalion  12-03-18
JG  Gumbrell       
JG [John George]  Gumbril [Gumbrell]  Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  15-11-14
Alfred Joseph  Gundry  Grenadier Guards, 1st Battalion  29-10-14
Ralph George  Gunn  East Surrey Regiment, 12th Battalion [attached Depot]  24-11-18
William J  Gunthorpe  Royal Fusiliers, 13th Battalion  18-09-18
William John  Guy  Army Ordnance Corps, attached 1st/1st Highland Division HQ  28-07-15
Guy  Essex Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion  27-03-17
Stanley E  Hadingham  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  28-09-17
Samuel  Hadkiss  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  15-07-16
George Henry  Haines  Essex Regiment, 9th Battalion  18-10-15
Edwin  Halcrow  Royal Marine Light Infantry, 12th Battalion [Deal Battalion, Royal Naval Division]  28-07-15
George Henry  Hales  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Louvain  21-01-18
W A  Hales  Essex Regiment, 13th Battalion  05-06-17
William Edward  Hall  King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 9th Battalion  26-09-16
Percy John  Hall  Machine Gun Corps, 9th Battalion  21-03-18
Charles Edward  Hall  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 4th Battalion  21-06-17
AW  Hall       
Arthur William  Hall  Mercantile Marine, Royal Fleet Auxiliary 'Reliance'  11-09-15
Alfred George  Hall  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  14-10-17
Kenneth Robert  Hamilton  Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  19-11-16
Sydney Frederick  Hammond  Royal Field Artillery, 242nd Brigade, C Battery  18-10-17
Bertram Thomas [T B]  Hammond  Essex Regiment [King's Liverpool regiment, 17th Battalion]  12-10-16
AR  Hammond       
William Steadman  Hanson  Middlesex Regiment, 1st/7th Battalion  14-08-17
Charles  Hanson  York and Lancaster Regiment, 2nd Battalion  12-10-16
George Henry  Harbord  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  03-09-18
Ernest  Hardcastle  King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion  16-09-14
Arthur Basil Baverstock  Harding  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 13th Battalion  23-04-17
James [T James]  Hardy  Royal Field Artillery  26-10-16
Richard  Harley  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  09-04-17
E V  Harrington  Royal Engineers, 19th Light Railway Train Crew Company  28-03-18
Thomas Henry  Harris  Labour Corps, 125th Company [tfd from 17th Labour Company, Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)]  05-04-18
Frederick  Harris  Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion  26-08-14
Daryl Leslie  Harris  Royal Engineers, 4th Army Signal Company  04-11-17
Albert Thomas  Harris  Hussars 11th Battalion [9th Devonshire Regiment]  01-12-14
Sidney  Harrison  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 1st Battalion  15-09-16
James Lowe  Harrison  Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion  10-08-15
Leslie Herbert  Hart  London Regiment, 19th Battalion (attached from Middlesex Regiment)  01-09-18
Henry  Hart  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  13-10-17
Frederick Samuel  Hart  Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion  24-11-14
Frederick James  Hart  Royal Navy, HMS Lilac  03-07-15
James Alfred W  Hartnell  Welsh Guards, 1st Battalion, 3rd Company  24-08-18
William  Harvey  Royal Engineers, 29th Divisional Signal Company  21-08-17
Reginald John  Harvey  Royal Navy, HMS Natal  30-12-15
Leonard Ernest  Harvey  Essex Regiment [Royal Field Artillery, 23rd Brigade, 108 Battery]  22-04-17
Herbert  Harvey  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  01-05-17
Arthur  Harvey  Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion  28-03-18
Albert Edward  Harvey  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  04-11-15
John  Hasler  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  01-07-16
Herbert  Hasler  Leinster Regiment, 2nd Battalion  04-09-18
William Thomas  Hassock  Cambridgeshire Regiment [Machine Gun Corps, Infantry, 118th Company)  21-09-17
Frank  Haverson  Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS President IV  29-11-18
William Joseph  Hawkins  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 2nd Battalion  22-11-17
Edward  Hawkins  Cameron Highlanders, 2nd Battalion  02-10-14
Harry  Hayden  Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion  17-03-15
Hayes  Royal Field Artillery, 'X'/12th Division Trench Mortar Battery  28-06-16
WA  Hayles       
Albert George  Hazel  Border Regiment, 2nd Battalion  25-10-17
George  Heard  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  22-10-17
Charles Ivor Colin  Hedges  Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigable  31-05-16
S G  Heffer  Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 10th Battalion  02-06-18
Maurice James Walter  Hempstead  Royal Garrison Artillery, 164th Siege Battery  01-05-18
Arthur  Hempstead  Royal Garrison Artillery, 258th Siege Battery  29-06-18
Thomas  Henderson  Royal Garrison Artillery, 174th Siege Battery  25-09-18
Geoffrey  Henley  Suffolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  07-09-15
James  Hennessey  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion [2nd Battalion]  01-11-14
James  Hennessey  Lincolnshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  03-07-16
Claude Warnock  Henry  Royal Field Artillery, 'V' section, 11th Trench Mortar Battery  18-11-17
Lawrence Mears  Herod  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  04-09-16
Frederick John  Herridge  Royal Fusiliers, 2/3rd Battalion, A Company  28-11-15
Eric  Hewbank  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  21-03-18
WJ  Hewitt       
William John  Hewitt  Royal Navy, HMS Powerful  16-11-16
David Edwin W  Hill  Royal Field Artillery, 64th Brigade  11-10-17
Frederick William  Hillier  Light Cavalry, 27th  02-12-19
Herbert George  Hills  Royal Navy, HMS Hampshire  05-06-16
William Frank  Hilton  Royal Irish Fusiliers, 7th/8th Battalion  19-02-18
Walter M  Hinckley  Royal Engineers (Miners), 70th Field Company  09-11-18
William Henry  Hinnells  London Regiment, 13th (Kensington) Battalion [attached 2/6th London Regt (City of London Rifles)]  30-10-17
P H [Herbert Percy]  Hitch  Essex Regiment [Gloucester Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion]  16-08-16
Arthur Matthew [Albert Matthew]  Hitch  Coldstream Guards, 2nd Battalion  08-04-18
Ernest  Hitchen  Essex Regiment, 4th Battalion  20-08-15
Thomas E  Hobson  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 58th Company  28-08-18
Joseph  Hodges  Royal Army Medical Corps, attached Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  01-05-17
Henry Cecil  Hodson  Royal Fusiliers, 8th Battalion  07-07-16
Cyril Edward Lodge  Holby  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  16-10-17
Richard C  Holland  Army Service Corps, 538 Heavy Transport Company  06-01-19
Sidney James  Hollidge  Royal Naval Air Service, RN Air Station (Felixstowe)  15-02-18
E I J [E J J]  Holloway  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 52nd Battalion  04-10-18
Samuel  Hood  Middlesex Regiment, 2nd Battalion, A Company  30-07-16
Thomas James  Hooks  Lancashire Fusiliers, 18th Battalion, Y Company  11-06-18
HWF  Horn       
Frank Henry  Horne  Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  09-05-15
John Henry  Howell  Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  23-08-17
Howard Baron  Howell  Middlesex Regiment, 1st Battalion  24-04-17
Edwin  Howell  Royal Engineers, 153rd Field Company  29-06-16
Richard Joseph [Joseph Richard]  Howes  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  13-10-15
Henry  Howes  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 45th Company  28-08-16
William Spencer  Howlett  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 4th City Battalion  17-05-17
Richard Charles  Howlett  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  23-04-17
H E  Howlett  Coldstream Guards, 4th Battalion  19-06-17
Sidney Norman  Howlings  Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment, 7th Battalion  28-09-16
Harvey Henry [Harry Henry]  Hudson  Essex Regiment, 9th Battalion  22-08-18
Henry  Hughes  Royal Navy  05-06-19
John Edwin  Hull  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Cressy  22-09-14
Percy James  Humby  Durham Light Infantry, 1st/6th Battalion  31-10-18
AV  Hume       
Alfred Victor  Hume  Essex Regiment, 6th Battalion  30-12-17
William Edgar  Humphreys  Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 7th Battalion  26-04-16
Herbert Charles  Humphreys  Royal Engineers, 113th Railway Company  23-02-17
Frederick James  Humphreys  Grenadier Guards, 2nd Battalion  26-09-16
William  Humphries [Humphreys]  Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), 1st Battalion  01-07-17
Francis Henry Charles  Hunt  Essex Regiment, 6th Battalion  06-09-17
Charles  Hunt  Suffolk Regiment, 12th Battalion  09-04-18
Herbert Henry John  Hunt  London Regiment (Post Office Rifles), 8th Battalion  19-04-18
William Percy  Hunter  Royal Artillery, 271st Brigade (ex-East Anglian Territorial Brigade)  19-03-17
Frederick William  Hunter  Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, 1st Battalion  25-02-18
Albert Charles  Husson  London Regiment (Artists Rifles), 1st/ 28th Battalion  08-11-18
Henry Thomas  Imbert  Border Regiment, 1st Battalion [2nd Battalion]  23-10-14
Walter William  Ingate  Royal Navy, HMS Hogue  22-09-14
J H  Ingram  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  08-08-18
Albert Edward  Ireland  Machine Gun Corps (infantry), 6th Battalion  21-03-18
Albert [Alfred]  Isaacs  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Hogue  22-09-14
Alfred  Isted  Rifle Brigade, 9th Battalion  08-02-16
George William  Ives  Hertfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion, No 1 Company  30-10-16
Wilbert Howard  Jackson  Royal Fusiliers, 4th Battalion  16-08-16
Sydney Robert  Jackson  Suffolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  18-05-16
Jolande Archie  Jackson  Royal Fusiliers, 7th Battalion  30-09-18
George Alfred  Jackson  Bedfordshire Regiment, 4th Battalion  30-10-17
Frederick Charles  Jacques  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 6th Battalion  26-03-18
William  James  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Newmarket  17-07-17
G E J  James  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 2nd/1st Battalion  20-10-17
Charles Frederick  James  Royal Garrison Artillery, 288th Siege Battery  10-09-17
George William  Jarman  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  22-11-17
George  Jay  Military Foot Police, Military Police Corps  24-03-18
George Thomas  Jeffreys  Royal Fusiliers, 1st City of London Battalion  11-04-18
Thomas  Jenkins  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  29-04-17
B C C [Bertie]  Jennings  London Regiment (City of London Rifles), 1st/6th Battalion  15-09-16
Johnson  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion    
George  Johnson  London Regiment, 16th Battalion (Queen's Westminster Rifles)  11-11-18
Edgar  Johnson  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 1st Battalion  18-09-18
Charles William  Johnson  Bedfordshire Regiment [Worcestershire Regiment, 10th Battalion]  06-07-17
Charles Henry  Johnson  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 1st/4th Battalion  27-04-15
CH  Johnson       
William Henry  Jones  Royal Sussex Regiment, 11th Battalion  06-12-17
William Bennett  Jones  Royal Engineers [Middlesex regiment, 1st Battalion]  28-10-16
WB  Jones       
Albert Bernard  Jones  Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derby Regiment), 2nd Battalion  23-03-18
E H  Jones  London Regiment    
Herbert James [Henry James]  Joyce  Royal Army Medical Corps, 27th Field Ambulance  22-03-18
Albert George  Joyce  Royal Garrison Artillery, 51st Siege Battery  24-10-17
Arthur Frank I [L]  Juniper  Royal Engineers (ROD)  28-10-19
Henry John [Harry]  Kaile  King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion  01-07-16
Albert  Kain  Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 7th Battalion  03-09-16
HJ  Kaite       
Arthur Eastbury  Keep  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 17th Battalion  19-12-16
Joseph Ernest  Kelley  Royal Fusiliers, 2nd (City of London) Battalion  04-08-18
Alfred  Kelley  Suffolk Regiment [Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment0, 2nd Battalion]  13-11-16
J L  Kemp  East Yorkshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  17-09-16
Arthur Coleman [Alfred Colman]  Kemp  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  31-01-17
James William [E W]  Keningale  Suffolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  05-06-17
Henry A  Kent  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Louvain  21-01-18
David Beaumont  Kester  Northamptonshire Regiment, 3rd Battalion  03-11-18
Felix Marmaduke  Kettle  Royal Engineers (ROD)  04-12-18
Kiddy  London Regiment, 2nd/22nd Battalion  30-12-17
Robert Charles  Kidman  Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  10-05-15
Thomas Ernest  Kimm  Middlesex Regiment, 11th Battalion  04-11-15
King  Gloucestershire Regiment, 2nd/5th Battalion  01-09-18
Arthur  King  Royal Engineers, 96th Light Railway Operating Company  05-12-18
Robert  Knights  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  05-10-16
Archibald  Knights  Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  12-08-20
William  Knott  Bedfordshire Regiment [Northamptonshire Regiment, 6th Battalion]  17-04-17
Lawrence  Kossak  Middlesex Regiment, 12th Battalion  14-07-16
William Barnett [Barnard]  Lacey  Northumberland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion [1st Battalion]  04-01-15
Alfred John  Lacey  Middlesex Regiment, 13th Battalion, C Company [12th Battalion]  03-05-17
Jean  Lacoste  French Army    
George Alfred  Lake  Royal Naval Reserve, HM Trawler 'New Comet'  25-01-17
Harold James  Lamb  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  28-04-17
Harry William  Langstone  Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Battalion  26-10-17
AV  Last       
Albert Victor  Last  Suffolk Regiment, 9th Battalion, B Company  30-12-15
Harry William  Langstone  Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Battalion  26-10-17
AV  Last       
Albert Victor  Last  Suffolk Regiment, 9th Battalion, B Company  30-12-15
Herbert George  Laycock  London Regiment, 2nd/4th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers  03-09-18
Thomas  Layton  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 1st Battalion  21-09-18
Bertram Joseph  Lea  Northumberland Fusiliers, 22nd Battlion (Tyneside Scottish)  11-04-18
David Robert  Leahy  Essex Regiment, 1st Battlion  20-11-17
Maurice  Leavold  Royal Garrison Artillery, 281st Siege Battery  11-11-18
Sidney Samuel  Lee  Norfolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  07-01-17
S S [Sydney Samuel]  Lee  Norfolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  29-04-18
Reginald Edward  Lee  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  23-11-18
G W  Lee  Royal Field Artillery, 12 Battery  17-05-15
Charles Herbert  Lee  Royal Engineers  14-11-18
Albert Edward  Lee  Middlesex Regiment, 1st Battalion  16-05-17
AE  Lee       
William George  Leeder  Northamptonshire Regiment, 3rd Battalion  07-11-18
Walter Edward  Leeks  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Louvain  21-01-18
William G  Lefevre  Dorsetshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  13-10-14
WG  Lefevre       
Ernest  Leonard  Manchester Regiment, 22nd Battalion  04-10-17
Robert Edward Wilby  Leverett  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  17-02-17
Richard Edward  Lewis  Lancashire Fusiliers, 18th Battalion  10-06-18
Albert Edward  Lewis  Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 1st/6th Battalion  27-08-17
Lionel  Lilley  Royal Navy, Royal Naval Division, Hood Battalion  05-06-15
William George  Lilly  Worcestershire Regiment, 3rd Battalion  12-03-15
George  Ling  Royal Fusiliers, 11th Battalion  11-01-18
Stanley Charles  Linstead  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  22-10-17
W H [H W]  Litchfield  London Regiment, 17th Battalion  15-09-16
Frederick Charles  Little  National Reserve [Essex Regiment, 6th Battalion]  16-03-16
G H  Lloyd  Royal Field Artillery, 84th Brigade, C Battery  11-03-18
W H  Loades  Machine Gun Corps, 31 Company  11-09-18
William Richard  Long  Essex Regiment, 1st (Garrison) Battalion [Attached Royal Engineers, ROD]  24-08-18
John  Longbottom  Suffolk Regiment [Royal Sussex Regiment, 7th Battalion]  24-08-18
Arthur Albert  Loose  Royal Navy, HMS Narbrough  12-01-18
AB  Lovell       
EP  Lowry       
Sidney Edward  Lucas  London Regiment, 6th Battalion, City of London Rifles  31-08-18
Frederick Richard  Lucas  Royal Flying Corps  20-10-16
B [Bert]  Lucas  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 2nd/4th Battalion  20-09-17
John William A  Luck  Royal Fusiliers, 5th Battalion [4th Battalion]  26-10-14
Ludkin  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  04-06-16
Joseph George  Lutkins  Essex Regiment [King's Royal Rifle Corps, 18th Battalion]  24-08-18
A A  Lynch  Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 2nd Battalion (transferred from East Surrey Regiment)  31-03-18
John A  Macallan  London Regiment, 17th Battalion (County of)  16-01-16
JA  Macallan       
H [George Harry]  Mackell [Machin]  Royal Marine Light Infantry  29-05-15
Thomas William  Madgwick  Essex Regiment, 7th Battalion  27-03-17
Percy John  Madgwick  Essex Regiment, 7th Battalion  17-08-15
Charles Thomas  Maltby  Norfolk Regiment, attached Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  27-03-18
George Joseph  Manders  London Regiment (The Rangers), 12th Battalion, D Company  25-04-18
William J  Manley  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 1st Battalion  10-11-18
JE  Mann       
Herbert William  Mann  Suffolk Regiment, 5th Battalion [2nd Battalion]  18-12-15
Louis Edward  Manning  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion  03-05-17
William Henry John  Mansfield  Wiltshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  02-07-16
C F  Mantripp  Labour Corps, 129 Company (formerly The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment, 21st Labour Company)  27-10-17
Edward Robert  Markham  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  08-02-17
J E  Marne  Norfolk Regiment  25-08-14
Harold William  Marsh  London Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion (London Rifle Brigade)  01-07-16
Harry  Marshall  Royal Navy, HMS Recruit  09-08-17
Fred  Martin  London Regiment, 3rd Battalion [2nd/12th Battalion The Rangers]  08-06-17
Alfred Arthur  Martin  Highland Light Infantry  23-09-15
Alfred  Martin  London Regiment, 2nd Battalion (Royal Fusiliers) [1st Battalion]  03-05-17
W [Jonathan William]  Maryon  Hampshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  03-03-17
Frank  Massey  London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles), 2nd/9th Battalion  27-09-17
U A [Albert Hubert]  Matroni  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion  15-07-16
Charles E  Matthews  Durham Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion  20-10-14
Alfred James  Matthews  Royal Naval Division, Collingwood Battalion  27-11-14
William Stuart Lock  Maxwell  London Regiment, 2nd/17th Battalion  18-11-17
Arthur John  Mayes  London Regiment (Prince of Wales Own Civil Service Rifles), 1st/15th Battalion  18-08-18
Thomas [Samuel]  Mayo  Essex Regiment, 13th Battalion  02-03-16
Joseph Peter  McMahon  Wiltshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, A Company  25-09-15
James Morris  McNess  Royal Field Artillery, 173rd Brigade, C Battery  06-03-17
Fred  Mead  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion  30-08-18
Jack Leslie  Mead  Essex Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion  03-12-17
William  Mead  Suffolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  28-10-15
George Edwin [G B]  Mealand  Royal Field Artillery, 163rd Brigade  09-08-16
Albert Edward  Merrigan  Essex Regiment, 6th Territorial Battalion, C Company  15-08-15
John Spencer  Millard  Royal Engineers, 2nd Amry Troops Company  18-04-18
A E  Miller  Essex Regiment, 1st/4th  27-03-17
EA  Miller       
Jack [John] Sydney  Miller  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  28-08-14
Walter Henry  Miller  Essex Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion  29-03-17
Bertie A  Milligan  King's Royal Rifle Corps  08-05-17
Ernest Arthur  Mills  Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment), 8th Battalion  10-10-17
George Sidney  Milne  London Regiment, 1st/21st Battalion (1st Surrey Rifles)  26-09-16
William Robert  Milton  Royal Fusiliers, 13th Battalion  24-10-18
Charles William  Minns  Norfolk Regiment, 12th Battalion  19-08-18
Harry Edward [Edwin]  Minns  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  11-08-17
Herbert Walter  Mitchell  South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  13-10-18
WH  Mitchell       
William  Mitchell  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  13-09-14
Henry Francis  Mittchell [Mitchell]  Royal Navy    
E W  Monk  Royal Air Force [Royal Flying Corps, ex 1/4th London Regt, Royal Fusiliers]  29-03-18
Albert  Moore  London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 1st/6th Battalion  30-04-16
William Walter  Moore  Essex Regiment, 6th Battalion  26-03-17
Henry  Morley  Grenadier Guards, 3rd Battalion  20-09-16
Thomas  Morrell  Royal Engineers, 4th section Railway Transport  26-09-17
Albert Edward  Morris  Machine Gun Corps, 9th Battalion  23-05-18
Russell George  Mortimer  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  11-01-16
Francis Edwin  Mortimore  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Clacton  03-08-16
James  Moss  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  29-11-20
Edwin Haywood  Moules  Royal Engineers, 34th Divisional Signal Company  25-08-17
Moxon  Rifle Brigade, 1st Battalion  16-03-18
Herbert Ernest  Moxon  Suffolk Regiment [Yorkshire Regiment, 5th Battalion]  19-07-17
Arthur David  Moyes  Royal Fusiliers, 26th Battalion  20-09-17
Hubert Henry  Moyser  West Yorkshire Regiment, 1/5th Battalion (Prince of Wales's Own)  20-02-16
Arthur James  Munson  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion, Z Company  23-08-18
Fred Stanley  Munson  Essex Regiment, 5th Battalion, C Company  02-04-17
John Cope  Murch  London Regiment, 1/20th County (Blackheath and Woolwich), C Company  25-09-15
Alfred P C  Murray  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  19-07-16
John Sidney  Neale  Lancashire Fusiliers, 1st/7th Battalion  27-09-18
William Christopher  Nedd  East Surrey Regiment, 9th Battalion  03-12-16
H Arthur  Negus  Dorsetshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  22-10-14
Thomas Bert  Neve  Hussars, 11th [8th Royal Welsh Fusiliers)  05-04-16
Bernard  Neville  London Regiment, 3rd Battalion (Royal Fusiliers)  26-04-15
George  Neville  Coldstream Guards, 4th reserve Battalion  08-04-15
CH  Newbwry       
Albert Edward  Newman  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  31-10-18
Arthur John  Newson  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Persephone [HMS Proserpine]  20-06-16
Arthur James  Newstead  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  10-04-16
Edward Charles Albert  Nice  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  26-09-16
A H  Nicholls  Royal Garrison Artillery, 144th Siege Battery  06-11-17
WJ  Nicholls       
Frederick John  Nichols  Royal Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion  09-06-15
William Henry  Nichols  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Aboukir  22-09-14
William James  Nichols  Middlesex Regiment, 13th Battalion  10-10-18
Francis Henry  Nickerson  Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 1st/8th Battalion  06-10-17
Bruce  Nickson  Suffolk Regiment, 5th Battalion  31-10-15
Frederick John  Nightingale  South Wales Borderers, 2nd Battalion  13-08-15
Alfred  Nix  Lincolnshire Regiment [Grenadier Guards, 4th Battalion]  27-11-17
Percival John  Nobbs  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  16-11-16
Arthur Henry  Nobes  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  08-08-18
Gordon Henry  Norman  Suffolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  28-09-16
Sidney Charles  Notley  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  22-03-18
Robert E  O'Malley  French Army  04-05-18
Cecil Arthur  Oakley  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  08-09-17
George Edward  Oakman  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  01-07-16
Henry George  Oakman  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  16-05-15
Henry A  Offwood  Northamptonshire Regiment [1st/15th London Regiment, Civil Service Rifles]  19-09-16
AP  Oliver       
Cyril Edward  Oliver  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 10th Battalion  20-09-17
P A  Oliver  Army Service Corps, 157th Heavy Transport Company  21-01-15
William  Olley  Royal Navy, HMS Raglan  20-01-18
R T  Osborne  London Regiment, 17th Battalion  13-11-16
William Horace  Osborne  London Regiment, 1st/12th Battalion (The Rangers)  09-09-16
James Sidney George  Pafford  Lancashire Fusiliers, 18th Battalion  01-06-18
George  Page  Royal Engineers, 2nd Battalion Special Brigade [previously Middlesex Regiment]  03-09-16
J R [Richard James]  Palmer  The Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 8th Battalion  27-08-17
John Stanton  Palmer  Lincolnshire Regiment, 7th Battalion  24-08-15
JR  Palmer       
Albert Edward  Parker  Middlesex Regiment, 1st/8th Battalion  26-08-16
Ernest James  Parker  Middlesex Regiment, 19th Battalion  15-07-17
Francis James  Parker  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion  15-07-16
Herbert Proudfoot  Parker  London Regiment, 6th Battalion (City of London Rifles)  08-10-19
Sydney Dennis  Parker  Essex Regiment [London Regiment, 2nd/24th Battalion]  21-12-17
Thomas Graves  Parkinson  King's Shropshire Light Infantry, 7th Battalion  21-08-18
R W H  Parr  Army Service Corps [King's Royal Rifle Corps, 2nd Battalion]  25-11-17
RWH  Parr       
Stanley Ewart  Parsons  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  28-04-17
William John  Patient  Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Battalion, A Company  23-10-14
Paul  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  15-05-18
Oliver James  Payne  Royal Engineers (ROD), 98th Light Railway Train Crew  31-12-17
SG  Payne       
Sydney George  Payne  Middlesex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  15-10-18
Harry George  Peachman  Norfolk Regiment, 3rd Territorial Battalion [1st Essex Regiment]  13-08-15
William David  Peacock  Bedfordshire Regiment, posted to Hertfordshire Regiment  24-09-17
Alfred P [Albert Pirney]  Pearce  Royal Army Ordnance Corps  27-03-18
Frank Arthur  Pearse  Somerset Light Infantry, 1st Battalion  02-07-16
Arthur Charles  Pearson  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 7th Battalion  11-04-17
William Charles  Pearson  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  27-07-16
George Henry  Pegram  Seaforth Highlanders, 3rd Battalion [1st Battalion]  22-04-16
Joseph William  Pegram  Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire Regiment), 5th Battalion  10-08-15
Charles William  Pegrum  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  23-08-18
Archibald Benjamin  Perry  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Vienna  06-10-16
Charles Baxter  Perry  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion [2nd Battalion]  18-11-14
James  Peto  Rifle Brigade, 1st London  07-01-16
Pettitt  Essex Regiment, 6th Battalion  01-09-15
John  Pettman  London Regiment, 20th Battalion  30-09-18
David  Pilbro  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  05-03-15
Walter George  Piper  RNVR, Royal Naval Division, Drake Battalion  21-03-18
WG  Piper       
Walter John  Pitcher  Royal Field Artillery, 71st Brigade, C Company  13-04-17
Walter John  Pitcher  Royal Field Artillery, 71 Brigade, C Battery  09-04-17
Frank Robert  Pitchers  London Regiment, 5th (City of London) Battalion (London Rifle Brigade)  16-08-17
Richard John  Plant  Royal Field Artillery, 91 Brigade, A Battery  11-08-17
Frederick James  Pluck  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 11th Company  01-07-16
Frederick James  Pluck  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 11th Company  01-07-16
Clarence John [J C}  Pointer  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 10th Battalion  27-03-18
Percy Robert  Pond  Royal Air Force  02-11-18
PR  Pond       
Frederick  Ponder  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  24-08-18
Ernest A  Poore  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 17th Battalion  03-09-16
George Frederick  Porter  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  12-10-16
William  Porter  Royal Field Artillery, 8th Division Ammunition Column  31-07-16
Charles David [Daniel]  Potter  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion  19-04-19
Walter John  Potter  Royal Navy, HMS Surprise  23-12-17
Bertram Philip  Poulter  Essex Regiment, 1st/6th Battalion  27-03-17
George Henry  Powell  Wiltshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  07-05-17
Austin William  Powles  Lincolnshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  05-04-18
Ernest James  Preston  Royal Field Artillery, 337th Brigade  28-10-18
Jesse  Prett  Royal Navy, HMS Cressy  22-09-14
Albert John  Prior  Royal Fusiliers  26-10-17
Ernest William  Pryke  Royal Engineers (ROD)  10-03-19
William  Puncher  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 7th Battalion  29-11-16
Harry  Purches[s]  Royal Inniskiling Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion  10-11-14
Alfred Joseph  Purkis  Royal Field Artillery, 'V' 12th Trench Mortar Battery  12-06-17
CE  Purkis       
Charles Edwin  Purkis  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 11th Battalion  01-10-18
Ethelbert James  Purling  Royal Air Force, 14th Squadron  21-09-18
George Henry  Rainer  Wiltshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  12-03-15
Charles H  Raker  London Regiment (City of London Rifles), 1st/6th Battalion  08-10-16
John William  Ralph  Wiltshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, C Company  21-03-18
LJ  Randall       
Oscar E  Randall  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Newmarket  17-07-17
C F  Rands  York and Lancaster Regiment, 2nd Battalion  05-12-17
CF  Rands       
E R [Robert Ernest]  Rawling  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 118th Company  31-07-17
F W  Rayland  Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion  17-01-17
Reginald Alfred  Rayner  Essex Regiment, 1st/7th Battalion  15-09-17
Robert  Rayner  Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 7th Battalion  25-09-15
Ernest  Read  Norfolk Regiment [Rifle Brigade, 10th Battalion]  01-10-16
Frank  Read  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  28-04-17
George Richard  Read  Coldstream Guards, 2nd Battalion  25-09-16
Charles William  Redwood  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 63rd Battalion  21-08-18
Albert Victor  Reed  King's (Liverpool Regiment), 1st/5th Battalion  05-05-18
Charles  Reed  Royal Sussex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  09-05-15
Ernest  Reeve  Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion [3rd Battalion]  13-10-14
Stanley Payne  Reeve  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  19-09-15
Henry William  Reynolds  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  26-09-17
Frederick Arthur  Rice  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  28-04-17
IA  Rider       
Job Arthur  Rider  Royal Navy, HMS Hogue  22-09-14
Nelson  Ridgeon  Suffolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  18-07-16
PJ  Roberson       
Benjamin James  Roberts  London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles), 1st/15th Battalion  07-06-17
Fredrick George  Roberts  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  05-05-15
Walter Perriam  Roberts  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 1st Battalion  07-10-16
Percy John  Robertson  Norfolk Regiment    
Ronald  Robertson  Hussars [11th Middlesex Regiment]  11-12-15
Robinson  Royal Fusiliers, 4th Battalion    
Percival  Robinson  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Newmarket  17-07-17
William James  Robinson  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  16-08-16
William John Frederick  Robinson  Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry [Royal Army Medical Corps]  06-08-15
WJ  Robinson       
George  Rock  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  13-10-15
Charles William  Roe  Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1st Battalion  22-10-18
Harold Edward  Roe  Suffolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  31-08-15
Herbert James  Roe  Norfolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  26-02-17
HJ  Roe       
A J  Rogers  Dragoon Guards    
Arthur  Rogers  Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Cressy  22-09-14
Herbert Perry  Rogers  Coldstream Guards, 3rd Battalion  01-06-18
Christian Henry  Root  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  27-03-16
Frederick Noel  Rose  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 17th Battalion  03-09-16
John Henry  Rous  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  07-07-18
Ernest Joe  Rowland  Lincolnshire Light Infantry, 7th Battalion [8th Linconshire Regiment]  26-09-15
James John  Ruddick  Royal Navy, HMS Cressy  22-09-14
Arthur Henry William  Rugg  Essex Regiment, 13th Battalion  28-04-17
Charles  Rushen  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  01-06-16
Aubrey John  Rutter  Royal Engineers, 33rd Signal Company  19-04-18
Abiah  Sabberton  Suffolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  25-04-15
Harry Robert  Sadler  Royal Fusiliers, 11th Battalion, A Company  06-12-17
Albert Edward  Salmon  Royal Garrison Artillery, 1st/1st Essex Heavy Battery  28-06-17
George  Salmons  Bedfordshire Regiment, 5th Battalion [7th Battalion]  16-08-17
William  Salter  Middlesex Regiment, 17th Battalion  09-08-16
Francis William  Sanderson  Royal Engineers, Special Brigade  01-09-16
William  Sapey  Northamptonshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion  27-05-18
H J  Sapsford  Hertfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  06-09-16
Arthur  Sargent  Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  12-10-16
Solomon  Sarlius [Sarluis]  London Regiment, 17th Battalion  01-10-16
H A  Saunders  London Regiment, 7th (City of London) Battalion  10-07-16
Henry Sabin  Saunders  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  26-09-17
Saunders [Sanders]  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  19-09-14
George Edward  Savill  Essex Regiment, 4th Territorial Battalion, C Company  16-08-15
John  Saville  Lancers, 17th Battalion (Duke of Cambridge's Own)  27-10-14
James Henry  Savory  West Yorkshire Regiment [Yorkshire Regiment, 5th Battalion]  27-05-18
Albert  Savoury [Savory]  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  16-09-17
William Norman  Sawyer  Essex Regiment, 9th Battalion  02-12-17
Albert Edward  Sayer  Norfolk Regiment, 3rd Battalion [1st Battlion]  02-09-18
Victor Harvey Craske  Sayer  Cambridgeshire Regiment [Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion, A Company]  03-08-16
John Edward  Saywood  Leicestershire Regiment, 7th Battalion  05-11-18
Scarff  Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 1st Battalion  17-09-14
Frederick Henry  Scoffield  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 17th Battalion  25-12-16
William Goodliff  Scotcher  Royal Air Force, 50th Squadron  15-09-18
APD  Scott       
Walter  Scrivener  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  23-10-14
William John  Seabrook  Army Ordnance Corps  31-05-15
John T  Searle  Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battalion, A Company  31-07-17
JT  Searle       
Frank Arthur  Seaward  East Surrey Rifles, 1st Battalion [East Surrey Regiment]  20-04-15
George Spencer  Secker  Royal Field Artillery, 24th East Anglian Brigade  20-04-16
GS  Secker       
Samueal Robert  Sergeant  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  13-06-15
George  Sexton  Gloucestershire Regiment, 10th Battalion  09-12-16
John William  Sexton  King's Shropshire Light Infantry, 7th Battalion  27-09-18
William Thomas  Sharman  Lancashire Fusiliers, 18th Battalion (attached Royal Engineers]  15-04-17
James  Shaw  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion  19-04-17
John William  Sheldrake  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Norfolk Regiment  02-10-17
WJ  Sheldrake       
Francis William  Sheridan  Dorsetshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  09-07-16
Richard Harry  Shilling  Essex Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion  03-12-17
Alfred  Shiplee  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 10th Battalion  07-06-17
Albert  Shipp  Grenadier Guards, 3rd Battalion [1st Battalion]  29-10-14
Shipp  Grenadier Guards, 2nd Battalion  11-10-15
Lionel George  Short  Royal Irish Rifles, 3rd/18th Battalion [15th Battalion]  31-05-18
Louis William  Sibborn  Royal Garrison Artillery, 166th Siege Battery  24-06-17
James samuel  Sibley  Middlesex Regiment, 21st Battalion  19-01-18
Joseph William  Sibthorpe  Bedfordshire Regiment, 7th Battalion, B Company  01-07-16
Edwin George  Simmonds (Simmons)  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 3rd Battalion attached 2nd/4th Battalion  23-03-18
Charles Wesley  Simmonds [Simmons]  London Regiment (London Scottish), 2nd/14th Battalion, D Company  23-07-16
AG  Simmons       
Arthur George  Simmons  City of London Royal Fusiliers, 1st Battalion  07-06-17
CW  Simmons       
Herbert  Simpson  Northamptonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion  31-07-17
James  Simpson     01-01-17
Horace Edgar  Sirey  Essex Regiment [Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, 8th Battalion]  26-09-15
George Stanley  Sissen  Royal Fusiliers, 11th Battalion, A Company  04-11-18
Julien Frederick  Sissen  Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry), 9 Squadron  22-03-18
William Walter  Sissen  Royal Navy, HM 'P.31'  08-11-18
John  Skelding  Dorsetshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  12-07-15
William  Skinner  Bedfordshire Regiment, 8th Battalion  25-09-16
William Ewart  Skinner  Lancashire Fusiliers, 18th Battalion  26-03-18
Alan  Slocombe  Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion, C Company  18-08-15
Smith  Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  27-07-16
Albert Edward  Smith  Royal Air Force, 218 Squadron  29-09-18
Alfred Ernest  Smith  Essex Regiment [2nd South Wales Borderers]  13-08-15
Alfred Henry  Smith  Bedfordshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  11-04-17
Arthur William  Smith  Norfolk Regiment [Royal Engineers, 209 Field Company]  05-10-16
AW  Smith       
Charles  Smith  Rifle Brigade, 3rd Battalion  01-09-16
Edward Charles  Smith  Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion  22-02-17
FH  Smith       
Frank Henry  Smith  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  12-08-15
Frank Whaley  Smith  Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 1st Battalion  30-08-18
George Thomas  Smith  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  12-08-15
Harry Victor  Smith  Royal Garrison Artillery, 3rd Siege Battery  29-10-18
Henry John  Smith     01-01-18
Henry William  Smith  London Regiment, 1st/17th Battalion  30-09-16
James Alen [Alan]  Smith  Norfolk Regiment, 6th (Cyclists) Battalion  03-01-16
John  Smith  Dragoon Guards (Prince of Wales' Own), 3rd Battalion  11-04-17
John F  Smith  East Yorkshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  06-06-17
Leslie John Cecil  Smith  County of London (Queen's) Regiment, 2nd/ 22nd Battalion, D Company  04-08-16
Percival Charles  Smith  Middlesex Regiment, 13th Battalion  31-08-16
Richard John  Smith  Essex Regiment, 7th Battalion  27-03-17
Sidney Octavius  Smith  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  12-08-15
Victor Albert  Smith  Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), 11th Battalion  02-10-16
William Albert  Smith  London Regiment, 2nd/3rd Battalion (Royal Fusiliers)  15-05-17
William Walter  Smith  Essex Regiment, 1st/7th Battalion  02-11-17
AJ  Smy       
Alfred John  Smy  Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Louvain  21-01-18
John  Snelling  Royal Engineers, 268th Railway Company  23-07-17
Horace Vickery  Solman  London Regiment, 5th Battalion London Rifle Brigade  08-08-18
George Henry  Southgate  Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion  18-08-16
Southwell  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 1st Battalion  18-09-18
Bertie  Sparling  Royal Field Artillery [Royal Engineers, 49th Signal Company]  05-05-18
Charles  Speed  Suffolk Regiment, 11th Battalion  01-07-16
James Henry  Spelman  Army Service Corps  17-04-16
Arthur  Spencer  Royal Engineers, Railway Operating Division  19-12-16
George Edward  Spencer  Royal Fusiliers, City of London, 1st/23rd Battalion  16-09-16
James Herbert  Spencer  Machine Gun Corps, 91st Company  26-10-17
WT  Spriggs       
Richard Chambers  Springett  Rifle Brigade, 7th Battalion  29-12-15
Leonard  Stageman  Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, SS 'Borg'  10-06-18
Alfred George  Staines  Wiltshire Regiment, 6th Battalion  29-09-17
Charles Bertram  Stalley  London Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles), 1/15th Battalion  15-09-16
Frank  Stalley  London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 1st/3rd Battalion  11-09-16
Walter Frederick  Stanford  Northamptonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion, C Company  29-09-15
Albert  Starling  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 2nd Battalion  18-09-18
Sydney Ewart  Starling  London Regiment (London Scottish Rifles) 1st/14th Battalion  21-09-16
John  Stavridi  Royal Engineers, 98th Light Railway Train Crew  31-12-17
Thomas Henry  Stearn  Royal Garrison Artillery. 25th Siege Battery  31-05-18
Charles William  Stebbing  Army Service Corps, 662nd Horse Transport Company  30-10-18
Samuel George  Stebbings  Royal Field Artillery, 1st/2nd East Anglian Brigade  05-10-16
John James  Steele  London Regiment, 1st/5th (London Rifle Brigade)  02-07-17
Thomas Edward  Stevenson  Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 14th Battalion  26-10-17
AF  Stewart       
A F [Arthur Frederick]  Stewart[Stuart]  Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 1st Battalion  29-12-17
G E [George Francis]  Stocken  King's Royal Rifle Corps [Rifle Brigade, 2nd Battalion]  09-05-15
FJ  Stokes       
Frank Leslie  Stokes  Manchester Regiment  02-11-18
Frederick James  Stokes  Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion  19-06-18
James Robert  Stollery  Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion  21-10-16
John  Storr  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 58 Battalion  08-08-18
James Henry  Stribling  Worcestershire Regiment, 4th Battalion  29-05-17
Alfred Frederick  Stroud  Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 1st Battalion  24-08-16
Ernest John  Stubbings  Machine Gun Corps (Infantry)  21-04-17
Robert Henry  Stubbs  Army Service Corps  02-12-17
Frederick  Styles  Royal Field Artillery, 26 Battery  09-07-16
James Victor  Swan  Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 6th Battalion  13-05-18
William Alfred  Swann  Scots Guards, 2nd Battalion  06-10-17
Frederick William  Tandy  Scots Greys [8th Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment]  14-10-15
Charles Frederick R  Tanner  Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion  21-11-14
Louis  Tant  Royal Engineers, 157 Field Company  07-03-16
George Arthur  Tapp  Scots Guards, 2nd Battalion  12-03-15
Edward  Tarling  Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 1st Battalion  20-07-16
William  Tatham  Royal Field Artillery, 69 Brigade  17-11-16
F A  Tattersall  London Regiment, 1st/6th Battalion (City of London Rifles)  15-09-16
FA  Tattershall       
Charles William  Taylor  Norfolk Regiment, 9th Battalion, Machine Gun Section  24-11-15
Harry  Taylor  Royal Engineers (19th Light Railway Company)  28-03-18
Lombe G [Loom Gersham]  Taylor  Norfolk Regiment, 1st Battalion  03-10-15
Robert  Taylor  Royal West Kent Regiment, 8th Battalion, Machine Gun Section, C Company [B Company]  13-11-15
Sidney Rowland Horace [Ronald]  Taylor  Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 6th Battalion  09-08-15
William  Telling  Rifle Brigade [London Regiment, 1st/10th Battalion]  19-04-17
Thomas George  Temple  West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own), 1st/6th Battalion  11-10-18
Walter Edgar  Tems  Royal Navy, HMS Hogue  22-09-14
James  Thaxter  Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion  09-08-16
Ernest Alfred [Alfred Ernest]  Thear  London Regiment, 1st/3rd Battalion (Royal Fusiliers)  10-03-15
Maurice Jeremiah  Theobald  Norfolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion  12-08-15
Charles Edward  Thompson  Bedfordshire Regiment, 4th Battalion  25-08-18
Frank Samuel  Thompson  London Regiment (TF), 17th Battalion (County of)  23-03-18
Harris  Thompson  Suffolk Regiment [Machine Gun Corps (Infantry), 21st Battalion]  27-05-18
Ernest Albert  Thomson  King's Royal Rifle Corps, 2nd Battalion  25-09-15
William Andrew  Thomson  Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion  14-04-17
Frederick Percy  Thorpe  Royal Engineers (Railway Transport Troops)  08-05-19
William H  Thorpe  Grenadier Guards, 2nd Battalion  04-09-14
John Cecil Thurling Suffolk Regiment, 4th Battalion 01-11-16
Alfred Henry Thurlow Essex Regiment [ Durham Light Infantry, 14th Battalion] 16-10-16
Arthur Thurston Royal Engineers (ROD), 98th Light Railway Operating Company 31-12-17
Frank Edward Thurston Royal Fusiliers, 11th Battalion 26-09-16
Sidney George Thurston Royal Navy, HMS Hogue 22-09-14
Archibald Stanley Tickell Northumberland Fusiliers, 1st/6th Battalion 02-04-18
Arthur Edward Todd Bedfordshire Regiment, 2nd Battlion [1st Battalion} 01-09-15
CW Toms
Bertie Towler Buffs (East Kent Regiment), 7th Battalion 12-10-17
Harry Townsend Northamptonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion 27-09-15
Louis Henry Townsend Lincolnshire Regiment, 1st Battalion 20-03-15
Albert Tricker Royal Engineers, 10th Light Railway Operating Company 19-07-17
JJ Trickey
John [John James] Trickey East Surrey Regiment, 7th Battalion, D Company 12-08-16
Alfred John Trotman Royal Sussex Regiment, 7th Battalion 09-04-17
H B [Henry Braybrook] Tucker Royal Field Artillery, 74th Medium Trench Mortart Battery 19/06/0017
George William Tuffin Royal Fusiliers, 11th Battalion 27-10-18
W Tuffnell
William Tuffnell Royal Fusiliers, 26th Battalion 22-10-17
James John Tullett Royal Field Artillery, 52nd Brigade, D Battery 25-04-17
John Tunwell King's Royal Rifle Corps, 20th Battalion 20-06-18
Alfred Leslie Turner Essex Regiment, 1st/4th Battalion 20-03-17
George Henry Turner Lancers, 12th Battalion (Prince of Wales' Royal) 30-03-18
James George Turner Royal Garrison Artillery, 'K' Anti- Aircraft Battery 21-05-17
Joseph Reginald Mark Turner Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 10th Battalion 19-08-16
Leonard Ernest Turner Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion 09-08-17
Robert George Turner Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion 22-10-17
Walter Chester Turner Royal Field Artillery, 158th Brigade, C Battery 05-01-17
Arthur William Turrell Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion 23-03-18
Burt Evedine [Elvedine] Tyler Middlesex Regiment, 23rd Battalion 17-08-17
Frederick George Unwin Royal Engineers, 96th Light Railway Operating Company 30-12-17
Edward Charles Vale Royal Field Artillery, 62nd Brigade, B Battery 02-12-18
J Valentine
James Wicks Valentine Essex Regiment, 13th Battalion, 'R' Company 30-07-16
William Joseph Valentine Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 1st Battalion 23-08-14
H Vandome Royal Field Artillery, 34 Battery 05-08-17
Leonard Charles Vince Royal Field Artillery, 290 Brigade, C Battery 10-10-17
William Frederick Vince Royal Field Artillery, 290 Brigade, C Battery 10-10-17
IJ Wadey
Percy James Wadey Rifle Brigade, 16th Battalion 18-04-18
George Lawrence [Laurence] Wagner Bedfordshire Regiment, 4th Battalion, att'd 67677, 763rd Area Employment Co, Labour Corps 21-05-18
Henry [Harry] Walker Middlesex Regiment, 4th Battalion 10-10-15
SF Walker
JH Wall
Albert Waller York and Lancaster Regiment, 10th Battalion 30-09-17
Sidney Frank Waller Royal Engineers, ROD [Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 10th Battalion] 04-06-18
William Robert Walls Rifle Brigade, 13th Battalion 10-07-16
William Percy Walton Essex Regiment, 7th Battalion 15-08-15
Alick A [Alec Augustus] Wansbury Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 2nd Battalion 16-03-15
Edwin William [Edward William] Ward Royal Field Artillery, 189th Army Brigade, B Battery 24-10-18
AS Ward
Samuel Ware Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion, D Company 25-09-16
George Albert Warman Royal Scots, 15th Battalion 15-08-18
George Henry Warman Essex Regiment, 4th Battalion 27-03-17
GH Warman
John Henry Warren East Surrey Regiment, 1st Battalion 08-05-17
Robert Waspe Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion 23-04-17
Arthur John Watkins Tank Corps, 11th Battalion 25-08-18
Bertie William Watson Royal Navy, HMS Vanguard 09-07-17
George Charles Watson Durham Light Infantry, 1st/5th Battalion 22-08-18
H Watson
Harold Sydney Watson RNR, HMS Louvain 21-01-18
HS Watson
Benjamin Watts Royal Navy, HMS 'Tyne' 04-10-16
Percy Fred O Watts Northamptonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion, C Company 15-10-15
Sydney [Sidney] Watts Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st/ 1st Battalion 05-05-17
Walter Alfred Watts Northamptonshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion 14-03-15
Arthur Charles [CA} Weal Royal Fusiliers, 23rd Battalion 05-03-17
CA Weal
Thomas Edward Weal Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion 21-11-14
Alfred Thomas Webb Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 8th Battalion 26-09-15
AT Webb
George William Webb King's Royal Rifle Corps, 17th Battalion 03-09-16
Arthur Webber London Regiment, 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers attached 11th Royal Fusiliers 07-08-18
Donald Eugene Welham Royal Engineers, 511 (London) Field Company 13-12-17
Percival E Welham Norfolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion 11-04-16
H Wells Suffolk Regiment [Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st/1st Battalion] 14-10-16
William Frederick Victor Wells Essex Regiment, 10th Battlion 01-07-16
Edward Thomas West Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, SS Wharlton 11-01-18
ET West
Frederick West Royal Garrison Artillery, 112th Siege Battery 25-07-17
G West Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st/ 1st Battalion 22-08-18
R B West Lancashire Fusiliers, 17th Battalion 31-10-18
Reginald George West Norfolk Regiment, 8th Battalion 19-10-17
RG West
William Alfred West Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion 20-07-16
Alfred Frederick Weston Devonshire Regiment, 9th Battalion 01-07-16
Sydney George Westwood Essex Regiment, 9th Battalion 12-10-15
Arthur Robert Whatling Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HM Trawler Remindo 02-02-18
John Henry Wheatley Northamptonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion 14-06-16
E Whiffen
Albert Edward John [Edwin] Whiffen [Whiffin] Norfolk Regiment, 1st/5th Battalion 27-07-17
E Whipps Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion 20-03-18
Benjamin Whistle East Surrey Regiment, 9th Battalion 26-03-18
Eric Arthur Whitaker Bedfordshire Regiment, 8th Battalion 25-12-15
Herbert Whitbread Army Service Corps, 3rd Base Horse Transport Depot 19-01-18
G White
G F White London Regiment, 18th Battalion (London Irish Rifles) 03-10-18
T White Middlesex Regiment, Depot 21-10-16
Francis Harold White London Regiment, 1st/23rd (County of London) Battalion 16-09-16
Percival Whiteside Essex Regiment, 10th Battalion 17-02-16
Jesse Herbert Whiting Bedfordshire Regiment, 7th Battalion 25-10-17
Percy Alfred Whiting Royal Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion 09-10-17
Laurie Stonecliffe Whitney Huntingdon Cyclist Battalion, 1st/1st 11-07-17
AV Whyman
H W [Herbert Edward] Widocks Mercantile Marine Reserve, HMS Newmarket 17-07-17
Charles Wiffen Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion 29-03-17
R Wigg Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion 21-08-17
W H Wiggett Royal Engineers, 106th Field Company 22-03-18
George Edwin Wighton East Lancashire Regiment, 10th Battalion attached 11th Battalion 11-08-16
HF Wilby
Horace Frederick Wilby Suffolk Regiment, 7th Battalion 26-03-18
C H Wilkins Royal Berkshire Regiment, 7th Battalion 20-10-17
William Thomas Wilkins Middlesex Regiment, 3rd Battalion 22-04-15
William Willgress Suffolk Regiment, 8th Battalion, C Company 13-10-15
Sidney Thomas Williams Northamptonshire Regiment, 7th Battalion 31-07-17
Alan Charles Williamson London Regiment, 15th Battalion, County of (Civil Service Rifles) 13-05-16
Leopold Walter Willingale Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion 13-08-15
S Willingale
Samuel Willingate [Willingale] Royal Garrison Artillery, 287th Siege Battery 29-11-17
Russell George Willis Essex Regiment, 1st/ 4th Battalion 26-03-17
Allan Wilson Royal Engineers, 79th Field Company 25-08-15
George Wilson Royal Engineers, ROD 18-08-18
Hedley Norman Wilson London Regiment, 2nd/22nd Battalion 28-04-18
William Henry Wilson Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment) 23-08-14
Westropp Orbell Peyton Winmill Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Battalion 22-03-18
Henry Winter Royal Berkshire Regiment, 6th Battalion 02-06-16
Leonard Winter Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 6th Battalion 28-03-18
C E With Royal Scots Regiment, 2nd Battalion 15-10-14
William Charles Witham Norfolk Regiment, 7th Battalion 21-04-16
George Henry Wix King's Royal Rifle Corps, 11th Battalion 22-11-17
GH Wix
Henry Frederick Wolf Royal Fusiliers, 1st Battalion 09-06-15
William John Wood Essex Regiment, 4th Battalion 20-08-15
Arthur Ernest Woodbine Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Battlion 13-11-16
Charles Woodley King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, 9th Battalion 11-10-18
David Edward Harry Woods Essex Regiment, 1st Battalion 13-08-15
H Woods Royal Naval Division, Drake Battalion 28-05-18
W J Woods Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 1st Battalion 13-10-18
RG Woollard
Robert George Woollard Northumberland Fusiliers, 8th Battalion 26-09-16
John William Wooltorton Royal Field Artillery, 38th Reserve Battery 07-06-17
Albert Edward Wright Royal Field Artillery 22-04-18
Arthur Wright Suffolk Regiment, 2nd Battalion 27-09-17
Frank Horace Wright London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 1st Battalion 21-03-18
Harry Wright Essex Regiment, 2nd Battalion 07-03-15
J Wright
John Wright Royal Garrison Artillery, 6th Siege Battery 15-04-18
Joseph James Wright Royal Fusiliers, 13th Battalion (City of London Regiment) 15-11-16
Reginald Ralph Wright London Regiment, 8th Battalion Post Office Rifles 02-09-18
Samuel Watkins Wright Norfolk Regiment, 1st/4th Territorial Battalion 13-08-15
Hugh Charles Wrightson Middlesex Regiment, 1st Battalion 31-10-14
J Wyatt Mercantile Marine, SS Brussels 16-02-18
David Herbert Wye Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 1st Battalion 18-04-18
Stanley Grey [Gray] Yorke Army Cyclist Corps [Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, 5th Battalion) 31-12-16
Herbert Ernest Youell Royal Sussex Regiment, 11th Battalion, C Company 22-03-18
Charles William Cordeny Young London Regiment, 1st/15th Battalion (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles) 02-09-18
Harry Thomas Youngman King's Royal Rifle Corps, 11th Battalion 30-11-17

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