Monday, 28 December 2015

Bakewell's First World War dead


My wife and I had a weekend in the Peak District last month and used Bakewell as our base. The town memorial is now in the middle of a small roundabout in the centre of the town and I took these pictures of it whilst we were there.

The first panel of names lists the following men:

Geoffrey William Pepperall Abraham
 John Francis Aitken
John Andrews
W Barber
Frederick William Barnett
Bertie Birley
George William Blagden
Samule Standige Boden
Peter Bond
Henry Byron
Robert Carr
John Thomas Carroll
George William Chadwick
John Arthur Chadwick
Robert Henry Chadwick
Cecil Clark
James Cooper
George William Daffern
Lawrence Douglas
Thomas D'Arcy
John Boulton

The second name panel lists:

Alfred Elliott
James Elliott
Hubert Holmes Fewkes
Walter Harry Edward Fewkes
William Fielding Finney
Alfred Foster
William Frost
Walter G Hamilton
Charles Edward Hamilton
George Thomas Hayto
William H Hill
Geoffrey Morgan Hoyle
John Baldwin Hoyle
Alec B Jones
Benjamin Kay
William Kennedy
Edgar James Mellon
Joseph Mellor
Victor Mitchell
Albert Mountney
Joseph Reginald Mountney
Walter Mountney
John Stephen Hope

The third and final name panel lists:

Leonard Needham
Joseph Nelson
John William Newton
H O'Neal
Joseph Radford
John William Rowland
John H Sharratt
William Arthur C Sims
George Skidmore
Clement Alfred Stevens
Thomas Swann
Arthur Cuthbert Brooke Taylor
Ernest Mosley Taylor
Herbert R Thompson
Malcolm Elias Tomlinson
Thomas Ed Turner
Ernest Drabble Twyford
Frank Webster
Oswald William Whittaker
Frank G Wilson
Edward Wood
William Wright

For more information on many of these men, visit the Bakewell Memorial page on the Roll of Honour website.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Remembering 4th December 1915

Remembering the 234 men and one woman who gave their lives for King, King Emperor and Country, one hundred years ago this day, on the 4th December 1915. These individuals are buried or commemorated in the following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iraq, Ireland, Kenya, Malta, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

1297 Private Alfred Adams Cheshire Yeomanry
Tyneside Z/4583 Able Seaman Alfred Hoult Drake Bn. R.N. Div Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
2329 Lance Corporal Alfred James "A" Coy. 1st/7th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment
SS/16019 Private Alfred Warren 20th Labour Coy. Army Service Corps
8738 Private Alfred Edward Lambert 1st Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
481 Gunner Arthur Allen Butler East Riding Royal Garrison Artillery
18570 Private Arthur Charles Mason 1st Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
598 Private Arthur Graham Briggs 2nd Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
1716 Private Cecil William Murphy 1st Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
1648 Private Charles Deighton 1st/6th Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
28222 Corporal Charles Rogers Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)
4687 Private Charles Thompson 6th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment
1131 Private Charles Alan Fuller 1st Aust. Stat. Hospital Australian Army Medical Corps
57135 Corporal Charles Harold Hannabuss 10th Bty. Royal Field Artillery
3114 Private Charles Henry Woods Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry
K/21050 Stoker 1st Class Charles Reginald Griggs H.M.S. "Mars" Royal Navy
560 Trooper Clarence Edwin Norton 9th Australian Light Horse
82 Private Cyril G. Sedger Canadian Army Dental Corps
S/2186 Serjeant David Wilson 10th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Clyde Z/435 Able Seaman David Melville Osler Drake Bn. R.N. Div Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
K/2348 Stoker 1st Class Edward Vermont H.M.S. "M/9." Royal Navy
15827 Private Edward Reginald Daubney 6th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment
12330 Private Edward Thomas Gammon 4th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
691 2nd Corporal Edwin Phillips 2nd/1st (Welsh) Field Coy. Royal Engineers
2055 Sapper Ernest Bolton 459th Field Coy. Royal Engineers
198356 Able Seaman Ernest Jackson H.M.S. "Vernon." Royal Navy
21403 Private Felvus Fredrick Birks 2nd B Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
14364 Private Francis Clews 7th Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment
22062 Private Frank Finney 4th Bn. Grenadier Guards
136504 Private Frank Smith 74th Bn. Canadian Infantry
1668 Private Frank George Covell 17th Gen. Hospital Royal Army Medical Corps
38923 Gunner Fred Hartley "A" Bty. 102nd Bde. Royal Field Artillery
20863 Lance Corporal Frederick Smith 4th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
342 Gunner Frederick Arthur Williams 3rd Bty. 1st Bde. Australian Field Artillery
17891 Serjeant Frederick Eugene Smith 10th Bn. Essex Regiment
Clyde Z/1405 Able Seaman Frederick James Shannon Drake Bn. R.N. Div Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Lieutenant Frederick John Christison 10th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
207490 Able Seaman George Burkill (RFR/CH/B/10907). H.M.S. "Penelope." Royal Navy
37712 Private George Rixon 8th Bn. Welsh Regiment
10879 Private George Straughan 6th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment
17042 Private George West 11th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
16006 Private George Wood 6th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment
Captain George Barons Northcote 2nd Bn. Norfolk Regiment
22022 Private George Henry Dickin "B" Coy. 9th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
1135 Private George Leslie Hayward 1st Australian Stationary Hospital Australian Army Medical Corps
859 Private Harold Wisewould 23rd Bn Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
19331 Private Harry Hudson 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
29943 Private Harry Witter Depot The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
2759 Private Harvey Grace 4th Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
SS/8322 Private Henry Hunt Labour Coy. Army Service Corps
31309 Private Henry Martin Johnson "A" Coy. 8th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
68713 Private Hubert Riley "K" Coy. (Aldershot) Royal Army Medical Corps
4219 Private Hugh Fraser 4th Bn. Seaforth Highlanders
3476 Private James Burns 1st/7th Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
19107 Private James Greenway 4th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
15039 Rifleman James Kerr 10th Bn. Royal Irish Rifles
2954 Driver James Stuart 3rd A.F.A. Bde. Australian Field Artillery
45737 Driver James Donald Horne "C" Bty. 113th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
2846 Serjeant James Henry Mitchell 1st/8th Bn. Manchester Regiment
15199 Lance Serjeant James Joseph Dawson 9th Bn. Welsh Regiment
G/8410 Private Jesse Clay 2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers
17741 Private John Campbell 7th Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers
11712 Private John Clampitt 7th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment
1759 Private John Davis 1st/4th Bn. East Lancashire Regiment
12/1889 Private John Dunn 15th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
6973 Private John Miller 14th (King's) Hussars
13778 Serjeant John Mclean 7th Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers
12054 Private John Newman 7th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment
20035 Private John Herbert Algernon Siggs 6th Supply Coy. 24th Bn. London Regiment
9343 Drummer John James Mcquade 3rd Bn. The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
7443 Private John Owen Thomas 4th Res. Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
1367 Private John Patrick Hennessy 14th Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
A/10222 Private Lester Charles Neuman 2nd Bn. Canadian Infantry
Matron Maude Amy Buckingham Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
8998 Rifleman Michael Murray 3rd Bn. Royal Irish Rifles
3156 Private Owen Beaizley 5th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment
7489 Private Patrick Bearney 5th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
835 Sapper Philip Simpson 2nd/2nd Highland Field Coy. Royal Engineers
109591 Private Reginald Sears 4th Regt. Canadian Mounted Rifles
106587 Private Reginald Donovan Tennant 1st Regt. Canadian Mounted Rifles
2801 Private Reginald Willie Gresham 1st/4th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
Second Lieutenant Richard Aslin Snow 1st/4th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
19297 Private Robert Cox 7th Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
1682 Private Robert Gordon "A" Coy. 12th Bn. Highland Light Infantry
S/3131 Private Robert Laidlaw 9th Bn. Gordon Highlanders
7336 Lance Corporal Robert Pettit York and Lancaster Regiment
4176 Sapper Robert Vincent Reis 4th Field Coy. Australian Engineers
8112 Private Samuel Hewitt 9th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment
116871 Pioneer Sidney John Wicks 5th Labour Bn. Royal Engineers
8738 Private Stanley Norley 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regiment
1882 Private Stanley Charles Dann Norfolk Yeomanry Internierter Stefan Sawka Austrian Civilian
20570 Private Stilvio Reginald Brinkworth 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
2607 Private Sydney Leer 1st Div. H.Q. Australian Engineers
3382 Private Thomas Fagan 4th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
3382 Private Thomas Reilly ALIAS 348 Private Thomas Williams 17th Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F. Greaser Thomas Henry Evans H.M.S. Andes Mercantile Marine Reserve
10660 Private Thomas James Kernaghan 2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
22231 Private Thomas James Middlemiss 5th Reserve Bn. Grenadier Guards
10737 Private Thomas Marshall Mumford "C" Coy. 5th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
9969 Private Thomas William Bradley 6th Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
278970 Stoker 1st Class Tom Pictor (R.F.R. Dev. B/4822). H.M.S. "Teutonic." Royal Navy
31062 Private Walter Thomas Berry 8th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
J/41944 Boy Telegraphist Wilfred Henry Smith H.M.S. "Ganges." Royal Navy
3/4807 Private Wilfrid Miller 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
776 Private William Charters 3rd Scottish Horse
9142 Private William Hill 9th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
45 Private William Maher 21st Bn. Australian Infantry, A.I.F.
7161 Serjeant William Milligan 2nd Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
19642 Private William Rudd 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers
24878 Lance Corporal William Toole 12th Bn. Manchester Regiment
8463 Private William Whatmore 7th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment
K/30322 Stoker 1st Class William Edgar Kendrick H.M.S. "Chelmer" Royal Navy
44017 Lance Corporal William Edward Smith 89th Field Coy. Royal Engineers
G/15577 Private William Frederick Bolton 2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers
63313 Acting Bombardier William Henry Holliday "D" Bty. 112tb Bde. Royal Field Artillery
M2/052833 Private William Hill Etchells No, 1 Motor Amb. Convoy Army Service Corps
2328 Private William Robert Croasdale 1st/4th Bn. East Lancashire Regiment
2312 Private William Thomas Ley Royal North Devon Hussars
17794 Private Wright Glennerster 1st Bn. Border Regiment
21585 Private C J Adamson 10th Bn. King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
6470 Private Adamu Rago Nigeria Regiment, W.A.F.F.
3672 Rifleman Aitparsad Pun 1st Bn., attd. 2nd Bn. 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles
7417 Private Amadu Kano Nigeria Regiment, W.A.F.F.
316 Driver Arjun Singh 23rd Peshawar Mountain Bty. Indian Mountain Artillery
24592 Sapper G Arnold 26th Coy. Royal Engineers
12476 Private W J Bailey "B" Coy. 8th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment
7059 Private A Baldwin 37th Div. Cyclist Coy. Army Cyclist Corps
Follower Balu 1st Bn. 103rd Mahratta Light Infantry
46869 Driver J A Barrett 21st Div. Ammunition Col. Royal Field Artillery
12833 Private T Bell 1st Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
2281 Private G Berrington 1st/8th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
2449 Private A Black Royal Scots
18036 Private H G Boorer 4th Bn. Grenadier Guards
18324 Corporal G Bowen 9th Bn. Welsh Regiment
406475 Private St. C Bowlby 1st Bn. Canadian Infantry
20743 Private F Buck 1st Bn. Essex Regiment
12294 Serjeant F Carson 9th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
20638 Private E E Caswell 5th Bn. Wiltshire Regiment
L/12818 Private A Chappell 2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers
67197 Driver D Chequer "C" Bty. 113th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
63265 Driver O Connelly "C" Bty. 113th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
18466 Private R K Copley 9th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)
4596 Private J A Costello 1st Bn. The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
2310 Private J H Cowan 7th Bn. Highland Light Infantry
5407 Private G Crawford 11th Bn. Manchester Regiment
184 Sepoy Dal Bahadur 2nd Kashmir Rifles (Body Guard Regiment)
48609 Gunner J Davis 34th Coy. Royal Garrison Artillery
3/7049 Private J Devlin 1st Bn. Gordon Highlanders
3492 Private F Dickens 1st/5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
11968 Private A T Donnelly 1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment
7488 Serjeant W R Farnon 21st Div. Cyclist Coy. Army Cyclist Corps
14906 Private J W Fay 7th Bn. King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
3281 Private J R Fernley 1st/9th Bn. Manchester Regiment
67660 Driver J Fisher "C" Bty. 113th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
KW/466 Able Seaman J H Flatters Drake Bn. R.N. Div Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
21085 Private J W Fowler 12th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
10675 Private H Fuller 7th Bn. Somerset Light Infantry
2424 Sepoy Ganu Subedar 1st Bn. 117th Mahrattas
1365 Sepoy Hakim Singh 7th Duke of Connaught's Own Rajputs
17419 Private R H Hanks Gloucestershire Regiment
19644 Private W Harris 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers
79267 Corporal J M Haslam 31st Bn. Canadian Infantry
3191 Private M Heniham 5th Bn. Connaught Rangers
67281 Driver J Hill "C" Bty. 11th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
16638 Private S Jackson 9th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
222 Sepoy Jawala Singh 29th Punjabis
4603 Private W Jones Pembroke Yeomanry
19524 Private G Kerry 10th Bn. Yorkshire Regiment
5808 Private J W Kirkland 12th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers
13439 Private W Langshaw 8th Bn. The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
20381 Private W M Lynn 4th Bn. Grenadier Guards
Major F W J Macdonnell 14th Bn. attd. 9th Bn. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 2568/C(PO) Leading Signalman R H Mackay H.M. Trawler "Waltham." Royal Navy
2645 Lance Naik Malla Ram 125th Napier's Rifles
Second Lieutenant C C E Manson Indian Army Reserve of Officers
41329 Lance Corporal J A Marchant 67th Field Coy. Royal Engineers
20549 Private J Martin 11th Bn. King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
80 Private A W Maycock 1st/6th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment
51699 Gunner R C Mayes 10th Bty. 147th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
3002 Private Momudu Masalay West African Regiment, W.A.F.F.
33566 Private T Mortimore 1st Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
7317 Private W Musgrave 13th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers
21662 Private T H Mcdonald 10th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
7800 Private J Mcguire Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) Major H G Mcleod 2nd Bde. Canadian Field Artillery
106446 Private M Mcleod 1st Regt. Canadian Mounted Rifles
19735 Private J Mcmullen 12th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
6772(S) Stoker J Neely H.M.S. "St. George" Royal Naval Reserve Follower Nur Ahmad 101st Indian Grenadiers
12404 Private B G Oakley 6th Bn. Bedfordshire Regiment
5655 Private J Parry 9th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
7896 Corporal A Payne 2nd Bn. Norfolk Regiment
3/11673 Private G Pearson 12th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
102091 Driver H Perring 56th Reserve Bty. Royal Field Artillery
16866 Private L P Peterson 9th Bn. Welsh Regiment
7610 Private J Pile Army Cyclist Corps
2328 Private J Porteous 1st/1st Lanarkshire Yeomanry Follower Raja Ram 1st Bn. 6th Jat Light Infantry
71948 Driver J Reed "C" Bty. 113th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
24431 Lance Corporal C A Revell 12th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
18351 Private R C Reynolds 6th Bn. Yorkshire Regiment
36527 Sapper P H Rivers 54th Field Coy. Royal Engineers
31338 Private C Robinson 8th Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
16595 Private R Robinson 12th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
16794 Private J Rogers 12th Bn. Durham Light Infantry
4734 Private H W Ross 1st/10th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
54234 Private B A Rucker 18th Bn. Canadian Infantry
KW/531 Able Seaman W H Russell Drake Bn. R.N. Div Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
6/195 Private M Ryan 6th Bn Leinster Regiment
2388 Sepoy Sarabjit Singh 7th Duke of Connaught's Own Rajputs
9799 Private J H Sellwood 2nd Reserve Cavalry Regiment
34849 Private T Sexton 20th Bn. Welsh Regiment
23611 Rifleman D Smith No. 6 Supernumerary Coy. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
2113 Sapper R J Smith Training Depot Canadian Engineers
Deal/1440(S) Sapper J Starkie R.M. Div. Engineers, R.N. Div. Royal Marines
9269 Serjeant A Stevens 2nd Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment
9796 Private H Swift 2nd Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
7019 Private F Talbot 7th Bn. Royal Fusiliers
3225 Sepoy Tatia Mhabdi 1st Bn. 117th Mahrattas
2809 Private G Taylor 1st/6th Bn. Highland Light Infantry
3319 Private G H Taylor 1st/6th Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
7262 Private J Taylor 11th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers
Second Lieutenant I L Tebbitt 19th Bn. London Regiment
109648 Lance Corporal B Tracey 4th Regt. Canadian Mounted Rifles
15769 Private H Walters 6th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
11686 Private E Weeks 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers
16/96 Private H Welford 16th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers
6580 Private C White 19th Bn. Royal Fusiliers
58453 Driver H Willday 2nd Div. Ammunition Col. Royal Field Artillery
729 Lance Corporal F M Wood 1st/4th Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers
A/2059 Rifleman S Wood 12th Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps
10095 Private S Wright 6th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

Image courtesy Wikimedia

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Lavenham, Suffolk

I was in Lavenham yesterday, and took photos of the impressive stone war memorial inside the church of St Peter and St Paul. Not for the first time, I was staggered at just how many names were recorded there were from what is and was a small community.

I was drawn to two men with the surname WELHAM. I have this name in my own family tree, and my maternal grandmother was a WHELLAMS by birth, the name having changed over the course of a hundred years or so.  The Roll of Honour website has done a great job on the Lavenham war memorial but has drawn a blank on two of the WELHAM men. I did a little bit of digging this evening and wonder whether I have identified one of them.

The Lavenham memorial notes Corporal R Welham, Suffolk Regiment, and I wonder whether this is in fact 7785 Lance-Corporal Richard Welhams, a regular soldier who appeared with his regiment on the 1911 census and who, judging by his regimental number, must have joined the regiment in late October or early November 1908. Born in Portsmouth, he enlisted in nearby Sudbury and lost his life serving with the 11th Suffolk Regiment on the 22nd March 1918. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Arras memorial.

I note that Alfred Welham, as recorded on the memorial, was also a regular Suffolk Regiment man (number 7265) who also enlisted at Sudbury and was killed in action on the 26th August 1914. Could he and Richard Welham/s be brothers I wonder? More digging required.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

2nd Grenadier Guards - 11th October 1915

One hundred years ago today, the 2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards lost 17 men killed in action or died of wounds. Their names are:


The battalion was in the old German lines at Vermelles, having relieved the 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards on the afternoon of the 9th. The following day, the battalion had been bombed by aerial torpedoes all day but later that evening, No 1 Company had successfully captured 150 yards of German trenches and then held their newly won ground against three German counter-attacks. The war diary for the 11th states:

"A quiet day until 5pm when the trenches were bombarded heavily for two hours and were badly knocked about. Battalion worked hard all night to repair damage..."

Looking at the men's regimental numbers I see that eight of the casualties that day were men who had joined before August 1914 whilst nine had joined in August or later. Wilfred Rogers, joining in the second half of November 1914 was the most inexperienced man killed that day, whilst William Shipp was an old hand who had joined the regiment in 1903 but may have been on the reserve since 1906. 

The majority of the men are buried in St Mary's Advanced Dressing Station cemetery at Haisnes; a cemetery established after the Armistice as a result of remains brought in from the Loos battlefield. There are nearly 2000 casualties in the cemetery and only 218 of these identified.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

5th September 1915

Remembering today, the 196 United Kingdom servicemen and one service woman who lost their lives 100 years ago today on the 5th September 1915.

11767 Serjeant E Abraham 8th Bn, Welsh Regiment
13872 Private A G Andrews 1st Garrison Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
4124 Private R H Ball 2nd/5th Bn, Norfolk Regiment
2358 Private C Bloomfield 1st/5th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
9544 Private W Brierley 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
L/11148 Private L Bull 3rd Bn, Middlesex Regiment
13251 Private H Burrows 8th Bn, Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
T4/042895 Private J Caddle 240th H.T. Coy, Army Service Corps
15686 Corporal J A Canford 8th Bn, Royal Fusiliers
1309 Private D Casey 6th Bn, Welsh Regiment
7451 Private W J Casey 1st Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
11703 Private G Coase 3rd Bn, Devonshire Regiment
2906 Private H Cocker 1st/10th Bn, Manchester Regiment
17679 Private A Coleman 6th Bn, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
31656 Serjeant B T Colls 16th Stat. Hosp Royal Army Medical Corps
4270 Private P Conley 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
9054 Private J Crick 7th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
50139 Serjeant G Denton "C" Bty. 53rd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
4269 Lance Corporal T Dix 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
8704 Lance Corporal H Eaton 1st Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
95902 Gunner O Featherstone "C" Bty. 53rd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
53808 Gunner W C Ferguson "C" Bty. 53rd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
23407 Private F Gamlin 5th Reserve Bn, Grenadier Guards
15089 Private E B Gauley 13th Bn, Royal Scots
3/6582 Serjeant S Giles 1st Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
17248 Private F Hall 7th Bn, York and Lancaster Regiment
81396 Fitter H F Hazledine "A" Bty. 59th Bde, Royal Field Artillery
L/2266 Private F Henwood 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers
61207 Private L Higgins Depot Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers
8986 Private G Horton 13th Bn, Worcestershire Regiment
14268 Private D Hunter 5th Bn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
13065 Private J W Jackson 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
6162 Private W Jackson 1st Bn, Border Regiment
4260 Private T Jagger 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
763 Sapper W James 1st/1st (Welsh) Field Coy. Royal Engineers
9656 Private G H Johnson 2nd Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
Staff Nurse M H Johnston "R" Sect. Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
5202 Private S Johnstone 2nd Scottish Horse
1210 Private J D Jones 1st Bn, Welsh Regiment
245 Private J Keane 7th Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers
5089 Private A Lawson 5th Bn, Bedfordshire Regiment
15159 Private J Lee 7th Bn, South Staffordshire Regiment
S/10418 Private J Lucas 3rd Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
5361 Private A A Mackenzie 2nd Scottish Horse
1362 Lance Corporal H H Marston 1st/4th Bn, Yorkshire Regiment
11015 Private S O May 2nd Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
4333 Private W Mitchell 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
12680 Private G Moore 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
9036 Private T S Moore 7th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
17026 Private P Murphy 10th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
9979 Private T Murphy 2nd Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
95932 Gunner R Mccarrick "C" Bty. 53rd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
4068 Private E Mccarthy 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
4274 Private W Mccormick 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
DM2/117890 Private D Mcculloch Army Service Corps
S/2908 Serjeant P Mceachern 8th Bn, Seaforth Highlanders
4254 Private J Mcghee 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
7620 Gunner T B Mcilroy "B" Bty. 192nd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
S/2358 Rifleman E New 12th Bn, Rifle Brigade
2344 Private G Parker 1st/6th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)
16451 Private T I Parry 9th Bn, Royal Fusiliers
12031 Private E Pearson 6th Bn, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
4322 Private W J Price 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
72095 Acting Bombardier W J H Reed H.Q. Staff 42nd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
10389 Private J Riley 7th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
L/1736 Lance Corporal J W Robertson 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers
SE/2564 Private F Rouse Depot (Woolwich) Army Veterinary Corps
58255 Private R Shirreffs 11th Casualty Clearing Station, Royal Army Medical Corps
9631 Private J H Smith 10th Bn, Worcestershire Regiment
17222 Private R Somerville 2nd Bn, Cameron Highlanders
12549 Private C Spokes 8th Bn, Norfolk Regiment
909 Private F Squibb 1st Bn, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
1319 Private T Stark 5th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
1412 Private H G Stringer 1st/6th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)
20858 Private O Tague 1st Bn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
8970 Private D Toft 2nd Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
38113 Sapper A Unwin Postal Sect. Royal Engineers
TF/215 Serjeant W B Watson 4th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
TF/2844 Private H Wedge 4th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
2092 Private G Wigglesworth 1st/4th Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
9559 Lance Serjeant J Worgan 2nd Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
6742 Private Adam Redpath 1st/4th Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers
3498 Rifleman Albert Henry Neate 1st Bn, Monmouthshire Regiment
17282 Private Albert William Stephens 6th Bn, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
11007 Private Alexander Stevenson Gault 6th Bn, Gordon Highlanders
429 Corporal Alexander Sumner Robinson 1st/4th Bn, Cheshire Regiment
2770 Private Alfred Clarke "A" Coy. 1st/4th Bn, York and Lancaster Regiment
11273 Serjeant Arthur Bashford 10th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
3825 Private Arthur James Adams 1st/4th Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
Second Lieutenant Bernard Arthur Knights Smith "C" Coy. 12th Bn, Rifle Brigade
292553 Stoker 1st Class Charles Cooper (R.F.R. B/7881). "Hood" Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Navy
935 Corporal Charles Whitworth Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)
908 Private Charles Robert Osborne 6th Bn, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
712 Gunner Charles Robertson Carson "B" Bty. 81st Bde, Royal Field Artillery
LondonZ/1013 Able Seaman Clement Bellingham Cheales Hawke Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
5964 Private Colin Kindness 1st Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers
64 Private David Colburn 52nd Bn, Army Cyclist Corps
1898 Private David Lister 5th Bn, King's Own Scottish Borderers
7471 Private David Morrissey 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Regiment
Surgeon David Revell Bedell-Sivright Medical Unit. R.N. Div. Royal Navy
3/9574 Private Edward Crampton 1st Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own)
2192 Private Edward James Russell 5th Bn, Essex Regiment
1159 Private Ernest Abrams "C" Coy. 1st/5th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 2163 Private Ernest Sargeant 5th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
1312 Private F. James Edwards 6th Bn, Welsh Regiment
22038 Private Francis Keaveney 6th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
2331 Private Francis Walton 1st/7th Bn, Cheshire Regiment
15305 Private Frank Hancock 7th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
19417 Private Frank Jenkinson 6th Bn, Border Regiment
5138 Rifleman Frank Smith 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
16343 Private Frank Stephens 6th Bn King's Own Scottish Borderers
2356 Lance Corporal Fred Thompson 5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment
277 Armament Staff Serjeant Frederic Daniel Hill 5th Coy. Army Ordnance Corps
10873 Private Frederick Godfree 2nd Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
L/1223 Corporal Frederick Arthur Hunt 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers
Surgeon Frederick James Humphrys R.N. 11th Sqdn. Armoured Cars Royal Naval Air Service
4234 Private Frederick William Ramage 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
7409 Private George Alfred Schofield "A" Coy. 11th Bn, Royal Fusiliers
2798 Private George Henry Bridgewater 1st/4th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
14333 Private George Thomas Langley 6th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
3845 Private Harold Clarence Webb 1st/4th Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
1290 Private Harold Joseph Harvey "D" Coy. 2nd Bn, Royal Jersey Militia
M2/101451 Private Harry Chater 341st M.T. Coy. Army Service Corps
14063 Private Harry Swettenham 7th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
18709 Sapper Henry Drew Cook 29th Coy. Royal Engineers
10669 Private Herbert Laycock "D" Coy. 2nd Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
2417 Lance Corporal Howard St. John Jefferson City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders)
9507 Private Jack Thelwell Depot Lancashire Fusiliers
9112 Private James Chadwick 3rd Bn, Worcestershire Regiment
9396 Private James Johnston 1st Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers
3058 Private James Murphy 2nd/9th Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
5820 Acting Bombardier James Oates 69th Bde, Ammunition Col. Royal Field Artillery
3331 Private James Smith 4th Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
11455 Rifleman James Stewart 6th Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
L/949 Private James William Warner 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers
2805/B Seaman John Campbell H.M.S. "Inconstant." Royal Naval Reserve
6847 Private John Halliday 1st Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers 8023 Private John Mckay 5th Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers
9793 Lance Corporal John Spalding 1st Bn, Scots Guards
22117 Private John Westwood 2nd Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Colonel John Barclay Scriven 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers
17584 Private John George Cowe 7th Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
KW/509 Able Seaman John Henry Tuxford Howe Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
PO/302(S) Private John Jerome Melvin Portsmouth Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Marine Light Infantry
24078 Private John Leslie Bagshaw 1st Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
11171 Private Joseph Belcher 5th Bn, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
14818 Private Joseph Boyles 7th Bn, Border Regiment
11972 Private Joseph Brennan 6th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
7784 Quartermaster Serjeant Joseph Corthorn 14th Bn, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
3053 Private Joseph Kay 1st/4th Bn, East Lancashire Regiment
94278 Sapper Joseph Manyweathers 175th Tunnelling Coy. Royal Engineers
1422 Private Joseph Slater "D" Coy. 1st/4th Bn, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment London
Z/1134 Able Seaman Lawrence Wedekind Hawke Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
4979 Rifleman Leslie Clark 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
Lieutenant Neville Rudd Thompson 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers
1622 Private Norman Reeve Royal Army Medical Corps
1094 Rifleman Owen Trevett 1st/8th Bn, Hampshire Regiment
11035 Rifleman Patrick Mcdonnell 6th Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
17521 Private Percy Hardaker "X" Coy. 1st/5th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers Captain Percy Hume Allfrey Anderson 21st (Empress of India's) Lancers
1823 Private Peter Egan 7th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
2364 Rifleman Philip Evershed Chapman 8th Bn, Hampshire Regiment
1726 Private Phillip Totty "A" Coy. 1st/4th Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
B/3424 Rifleman Reginald John Gibbs 7th Bn, Rifle Brigade
4221 Lance Corporal Richard Barnes 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
A/3329 Corporal Richard Southern 10th Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps
19026 Private Richard Enoch Cartlidge 2nd Bn, Leicestershire Regiment
3083 Rifleman Richard Spencer Haworth 6th Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
5294 Rifleman Robert Bowyer Rix 2nd Bn, Rifle Brigade
4925 Private Robert Charles Keys 2nd Scottish Horse
6186 Private Roland Rose "A" Coy. 1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment
1979 Private Sidney Pakes Derbyshire Yeomanry
1387 Private Stanley Guy King "B" Sqdn. South Nottinghamshire Hussars
20119 Private Stephen Mcguigan 1st Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
4064 Private Sydney Herbert Collis 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
9725 Private Thomas Dwyer 2nd Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
4167 Lance Corporal Thomas Hindley 9th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
7222 Private Thomas Little 7th Bn, Highland Light Infantry Clyde
Z/2748 Able Seaman Thomas Nocher Hood Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
446 Corporal Thomas Louis Stubbs "B" Coy. 1st/7th Bn, Cheshire Regiment
2137 Lance Corporal Vincent Augustine Taylor 1st/5th Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
1395 Private Walter Tyler 1st/5th Bn, Welsh Regiment
13372 Private Wilfrid Gant 7th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment
1933 Private William Howard Derbyshire Yeomanry
4866 Battery Serjeant Major William Mccully 4th Highland Mountain Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery
2933 Private William Pierce 5th Bn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
114 Private William Rudd 1st Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
13004 Private William Sephton 10th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
13066 Private William Siddall 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
10055 Private William Sutton 2nd Bn, The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
10333 Private William Albert Pankhurst 5th Bn, Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Captain William Campbell Adamson 6th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps
CH/18722 Private William John Mann Deal Bn, R.N. Div Royal Marine Light Infantry
13640 Private William John Roberts 9th Bn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
 Lieutenant William John Edward Morton 5th Bn, attd. 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
1179 Private William Richard Lovelock 10th Bn, London Regiment
Scullion Xavier Da Costa S.S. "Plassy." Mercantile Marine

Image shows the Cross of Sacrifice at Tyne Cot, courtesy of Wikispaces Classroom.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Remembering 26th August 1915

Remembering the following men who all lost their lives in the service of King and Country one hundred years ago today on the 26th August 1915.

S/6918 Rifleman Tom Anderton "B" Coy. 4th Bn. Rifle Brigade
10115 Private J Armour 2nd Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
G/12142 Private Albert Edward Ayerst 2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers
12418 Private A Baker 7th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment
2489 Private C E Barlow 9th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
13526 Private James William Batty 5th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
2432 Private M Baugh 1st/8th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
S/6832 Corporal H H Baverstock 6th Bn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
14322 Private F Beard 6th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
1716 Private Henry Charles Beeching 2nd Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment
16942 Private S Benns 7th Bn. Norfolk Regiment
6000 Private Joseph Berry 1st Bn. Border Regiment
1964 Private M Booth 1st/6th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
9081 Private E T Brady 1st Bn. Essex Regiment
174 Private Joseph Brady 6th Bn. Leinster Regiment
A/929 Rifleman D Brannon 8th Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps
2732 Private Thomas Henry Briggs 1st/4th Bn. Norfolk Regiment
2941 Private James Henry Brown 1st/9th Bn. Manchester Regiment
6135 Private J Burke 6th Bn. East Lancashire Regiment
1801 Private Bertie Richard Calver 4th Bn. Suffolk Regiment
3775 Private P Cassidy 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
10401 Private C W Childs 2nd Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment
7035 Company Serjeant Major Robert Hamilton Coates 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
11184 Private Henry Cook 7th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment
1011 Gunner Robert Corfield 1st/2nd Welsh Bde. Royal Field Artillery
S/7736 Rifleman William Cunliffe 9th Bn. Rifle Brigade
3/4768 Private Thomas Dale "F" Coy. 3rd Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment
2341 Private G Daly 1st/4th Bn. Cheshire Regiment
TF/3219 Private William Henry Dancy 4th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment
4453 Private Jeremiah Daniels 5th Bn. Connaught Rangers
15574 Lance Corporal Stanley Edward Darby 5th Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers
3/4465 Serjeant W J Davis 10th Bn. Hampshire Regiment
12114 Private J J Dewhurst 6th Bn. East Lancashire Regiment
10715 Private Ernest George Dines Essex Regiment
1957 Private W Drummond 7th Bn. Highland Light Infantry
15809 Private Harry Dugan 1st Bn. Leicestershire Regiment
13564 Lance Corporal John Dunkley 6th Bn. East Lancashire Regiment
2060 Private D Dunlop Royal Army Medical Corps
19158 Lance Corporal J Dunn 11th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
2449 Private Hubert Eaglen 5th Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment
9764 Private Albert John Eeles 1st Bn. Border Regiment
TF/3265 Private Ernest George Ellis 1st/4th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment
4365 Private Percy Farrow 1st/4th Bn. Norfolk Regiment
9312 Private William Faulds 1st Bn. Royal Irish Regiment
7035 Private J Gardner 1st Bn. Leicestershire Regiment
11387 Private John William Garton 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment
9280 Private Bertie Gaul 7th Bn. Norfolk Regiment
6515 Company Serjeant Major Harry Gee 1st/5th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
12363 Private S J Gee 6th Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment
47649 Driver Andrew Gillespie 10th Bty. 4th Indian Bde. Royal Field Artillery
8413 Private John Good 1st Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers
12454 Private Robert Goodwin 7th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
19112 Private William Goodwin 1st Bn. Border Regiment
9835 Private William Ernest Goom 10th Bn. Hampshire Regiment
6167 Private Alexander Gordon 1st Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers
1959 Lance Corporal William John Hancock 1st/5th Bn. Welsh Regiment
8024 Private Thomas Harper 1st/5th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
13699 Private Stewart Ernest Harris 8th Bn South Staffordshire Regiment
13186 Private Albert Leonard Harrison "D" Coy. 8th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment
2421 Private J Harrop 1st/8th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
14726 Private W Hill 9th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
19177 Lance Serjeant Harry Arthur Hislop 12th Bn. Highland Light Infantry
10157 Private A W Holland 5th Bn. Dorsetshire Regiment
3009 Corporal George Hoole 4th Bn. Manchester Regiment
106 Serjeant Major D Horsley 20th Vet. Hosp. Army Veterinary Corps
18421 Private Robert Samuel House 7th Bn. Border Regiment
9269 Private James Johnston 1st Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
19472 Private Kenerick Jones 4th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
2487 Private Jesse Edwin Keel 2nd/4th Bn Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
12985 Serjeant D M Kimber 3rd Bn. London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)
4066 Private A F King 6th Bn. Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
2106 Private S L Lambert 1st/1st East Anglian Field Amb Royal Army Medical Corps
3176 Private D Langley 3rd Bn. Monmouthshire Regiment
3256 Private Frederick George Large 1st/4th Bn. Norfolk Regiment
9896 Private John Herbert Larkin 1st Bn. Border Regiment
Second Lieutenant Reginald Leak 6th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
3/6623 Private John Maxwell Leonard 1st Bn. Gordon Highlanders
18899 Private W Lewney 9th Bn. Cheshire Regiment
3233 Private T Lincoln 7th Bn. Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
39184 Gunner Cyril Guy Littleford 175th Bde. Royal Field Artillery
14168 Private F Lovatt 8th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment
4401 Private Herbert Charles William Lunn 7th Bn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
20753 Private F Lyon 1st Bn. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
3/7059 Lance Corporal William George Mclean Marr 2nd Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
2010 Private G H Marsh 4th Bn. East Lancashire Regiment
8649 Private James Richard Marshall 2nd Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
16244 Private J T Mccarthy 9th Bn. Royal Fusiliers
1247 Private R M Mcgeorge 1st/7th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
58439 Gunner John Mcginness Royal Field Artillery
9312 Private William Mcguinness ALIAS
23894 Private P Mcloughlin 3rd Bn. Manchester Regiment
20660 Private John Mcphail 12th Bn. Royal Scots
2505 Private P D B Melton 1st/4th Bn. Norfolk Regiment
105605 Sapper William Meredith 116th Rly. Coy. Royal Engineers
16295 Private David Miller 1st Bn. King's Own Scottish Borderers
1901 Lance Corporal Alexander Milne 2nd/1st (East Anglian) Field Coy. Royal Engineers
6565 Lance Corporal George Corkingdale Monan 1st Bn. Border Regiment
12468 Private Howard Morley 5th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
61862 Sapper Albert Moss 82nd Field Coy. Royal Engineers
9464 Private Hugh Mowat 1st Bn. Highland Light Infantry
6915 Private E C Neal 1st Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
7384 Private George Nicholas "C" Coy. 1st Bn. King's Shropshire Light Infantry
1820 Private Thomas Nicholls 1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
63689 Sapper John Nixon 86th Field Coy. Royal Engineers
12028 Corporal Harry Fitzroy Norris 11th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
15286 Private William Norris 7th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
8746 Private William John Olden 2nd Bn. Hampshire Regiment
2760 Private Edward O'Toole 2nd Bn. South Lancashire Regiment
2833 Private T G Parker 8th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
6034 Lance Serjeant J Pattulo 13th Bn. Manchester Regiment
3361 Private Walter Pearson Honourable Artillery Company
14755 Lance Corporal Leonard Hugh Pickering 7th Bn. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
9810 Private Samuel Pierce 2nd Bn. The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
Y/15839 Private W F Powell 7th Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
10718 Private Henry Cecil Pratley 5th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
17062 Private Frederick James Prior 9th Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment
S/2126 Rifleman W J Pritchard 10th Bn. Rifle Brigade
15992 Private Bert Pugh 5th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
62 Private G Rawlings 2nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers
5112 Private E Riley 1st Bn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
1990 Private James Robertson 5th Bn. Royal Scots
7/18158 Private E Rosser 7th Bn. South Wales Borderers
Major John Russell 5th Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers
1602 Private S F Ryder Norfolk Regiment
2155 Private William Scott 7th Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers
2459 Private Albert Edward Shaw 1st/4th Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
11359 Private P Shaxton 2nd Bn. Devonshire Regiment
10003 Private G H A Simpkin 2nd Bn. Leicestershire Regiment
1913 Private L Somers "B" Coy. 1st/8th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
86839 Sapper Edward Stafford 136th Army Troops Coy. Royal Engineers
8952 Serjeant G Starkey 1st Bn. North Staffordshire Regiment
7564 Gunner J G Taylor "A" Bty. 81st Bde. Royal Field Artillery
18821 Private Wilfred Taylor 9th Bn. Worcestershire Regiment
Constable N Thomlinson East African Corps of Military Police
1655 Private H Thorpe 1st/4th Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment)
18260 Private Thomas William Tipp 2nd Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers
S/9564 Private J Torbet 2nd Bn. Gordon Highlanders
4805 Gunner Hector Graham Urquhart 4th Highland Mountain Bde. Royal Garrison Artillery
12856 Private G D Walker 7th Bn. Border Regiment
18089 Private Wilfred Walker 1st Bn. Border Regiment
51250 Private Harry Warr Bennett Walling 26th Casualty Clearing Stat Royal Army Medical Corps
11194 Private I Wantling 8th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
9156 Serjeant Sidney Herbert Ward 1st Bn. Border Regiment
1665 Private Joseph Albert Whall 1st/4th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment
3/6874 Private Frederick Maurice White "B" Coy. 2nd Bn. Devonshire Regiment
2239 Private G W White 5th Bn. Border Regiment
1802 Private F Whiteley 1st/5th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
11748 Private Thomas Williams 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers
3112 Private F Willoughby 1st/8th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers
13991 Private H Wilson 8th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
Second Lieutenant Walter Winkworth 5th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers
1171 Private J Winters 1st/1st Bn. Herefordshire Regiment
B/1126 Rifleman Richard Treleven Woodgate 9th Bn. Rifle Brigade
705 Corporal A Woolvett 10th Bn. London Regiment
13901 Private E Young 8th Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment
11321 Private W Young 4th Bn. The King's (Liverpool Regiment)

The image shows Etaples Military Cemetery, last resting place for three of the men remembered above.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

All quiet on the Western Front

A year and a day after Britain went to war with Germany and the 5th August 1915 was what might be termed a quiet day as regards fatalities in the British Army. According to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, 165 men lost their lives on this day. Of these men, 33 died in the United Kingdom, some as a result of wounds received in action, others as a result of disease or accident in the UK, before they'd even set foot overseas.

The Durham Light Infantry lost 15 men on this day. Here they are:

4/9468 Private George Robert ACOMB aged 33
3/10665 Private James ALDERSON aged 25
14878 Lance Corporal William Gordon BURNS aged 30
19530 Private Daniel DALEY
8313 Private Frederick William HARGREAVES aged 35
Lieutenant JAMES MADDISON KENT aged 29
4/9186 Private Thomas MALLON
3/11654 Private John MALLOY aged 36
6982 Private Thomas MOCKLER aged 34
7832 Private James MOWBRAY
3/7679 Private Thomas McMAHON aged 34
3/9762 Private Gregory O'RORKE
8990 Corporal Henry THOMPSON
3/8142 Private Frank WADDLE aged 32
8984 Private Henry WEST aged 31

All of these men were serving with the 2nd Battalion when they died. I have not checked to see if individual service records survive for these men but I have checked their names against medal rolls, adding in full first names and updating regimental numbers. In a number of cases, the CWGC omits regimental number prefixes, but adding these in I was struck by just how many of these casualties had originally joined the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion and the 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion: five and two respectively. These seven men, as well as Lieutenant Kent who was also a 3rd Battalion man originally, would all have been sent out as drafts to the 2nd Battalion.

William Burns and Daniel Daley were volunteers, Kitchener men who had volunteered after Britain went to war. Both have surviving service records and we can see that Daniel had also seen prior service with the 3rd Battalion before he re-enlisted on the 21st September 1914. So no fewer than nine of the fifteen 2nd Battalion men had served with the Special or Extra Reserve.

Of the remaining men, 34-year-old Thomas Mockler was the longest-serving man. His number dates to the second half of 1899 and he had already seen service during the Boer War. The fact that he still retained this regimental number in 1914 suggests to me that he either extended his service before 1914 or else had opted to serve an additional four years on Section D Reserve (in other words, effectively extending his period of reserve service). He had arrived overseas on the 22nd October 1914.

Lieutenant Kent was killed when the battalion moved into trenches at Hooge. He is buried in Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery. The other men were killed during an attack in the vicinity of the Crater and Stables at Hooge. The war diary for the battalion is quite detailed and lists casualties, including wounded men. A report on the attack is also included.

So, all quiet on the Western Front on the 5th August 1915, but there was weeping in the homes of 15 men from the DLI, and from the family members of the other 150 men who lost their lives on this day, one hundred years ago.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

I've borrowed the 1920 image of Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery from the Returned Services league Australia website. It's well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in this cemetery.

For assistance with your own research projects, contact me by clicking on the Research Tab on this blog. Also have a look at my Army Service Numbers blog which has a lot of useful information about regimental numbers in the British Army between 1881 and 1918.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Remembering Harry - 1st July 1916

After a month there we came out to practice for the Battle of the Somme.  We had rehearsals for it and we linked up with the French.  We were on the right hand side of the British Army.  Our objective was about a thousand yards, that was all.  Well they knew we were coming and our guns were wheel to wheel, you never heard such a bombardment.  The small eighteen-pounders and then back to the big ones and they were wheel to wheel.  Our chaps went over and of course they lost hundreds in the first hour.  It was no gain really, a thousand yards was nothing at all."

"We were well equipped, well trained men and intelligent men.  We were all volunteers, there were no conscripts in 1916.  They were well trained young chaps and they just slaughtered them, hundreds and hundreds of thousands for nothing at all.  They’d got machine-guns, all the emplacements, and they just mowed them down.  I lost all my friends, I didn’t have one, which was the same with most people.”

Harry Bardsley, serving with the 18th Manchester Regiment, looks back on the 1st July 1916. Above, Harry as I remember him, pictured in 1981. He always thought this photo made him look like "the old man in the jungle." Read more about Harry here.

Today, on the 99th anniversary of the opening of the Battle of the Somme on 1st July 1916, I remember Harry Bardsley and, with gratitude, all the men of the British and Commonwealth forces who took part that day.


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30th June 1916 - The South Down Battalions at The Boar's Head

A day before the British Army suffered its worst ever casualties, my thoughts always turn to the men of the South Down Battalions (the 11th, 12th and 13th Battalions, Royal Sussex Regiment) and their disastrous diversionary attack on the Boar's Head fortifications at Richebourg.

Edmund Blunden (pictured), an officer with the 11th Battalion, held back in reserve, sums up the debacle with a few well-chosen words:

"So the attack on the Boar's Head closed, and so closed the admirable youth or maturity of many a Sussex worthy.

"Even now, we apprehended that a fresh forlorn hope might be demanded of the Brigade. What the Brigade felt was summed up by some sentry who, asked by the general next morning what he thought of the attack, answered in the roundest fashion, "Like a butcher's shop." Our own trenches had been knocked silly, and all the area of the attack had been turned into an Aceldama. Every prominent point behind, Factory Trench, Chocolate Menier Corner and so on, was now unkindly ploughed up with heavy shells. Road and tracks, hitherto securely pastoral, were blocked and exposed. The communique that morning, when in the far and as yet strange-seeming South a holocaust was roaring, like our own experience extended for mile upon mile, referred to the Boar's Head massacre somehow thus; "East of Richebourg a strong raiding party penetrated the enemy's third line". Perhaps, too, it claimed prisoners; for we were told that three Germans had found their way "to the Divisional Cage"".

Edmund Blunden continues:

"Our affair had been a catspaw, a "holding attack" to keep German guns and troops away from the great gamble of the Somme. This purpose, previously concealed from us with success, was unachieved, for just as our main artillery pulled out and marched southward after the battle, so did the German; and only a battalion or two of reserve infantry was needed opposite us to secure a harmless little salient."

Today, 99 years after those catastrophic events, a day still recognised as "The Day that Sussex Died", I remember the men of the South Down battalions.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

14th June 1915 - 20597 Gnr William Ellis, RFA

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission records that 179 men died one hundred years ago today on the 14th June 1915. The majority of these men died in Belgium (49) and France (59), with Gallipoli accounting for a further 24 men. The rest of the men died in the UK (23) (either as a result of wounds sustained in action, or due to sickness or accident) and in other overseas' territories.

One man, 20597 Gunner William Ellis of the Royal Field Artillery, died in Germany and is buried at Niederzwheren Cemetery in Kassel. The CWGC website notes, "The cemetery was begun by the Germans in 1915 for the burial of prisoners of war who died at the local camp. During the war almost 3,000 Allied soldiers and civilians, including French, Russian and Commonwealth, were buried there."

William Ellis was a regular soldier who had arrived overseas with 8 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery on the 19th August 1914. He does not appear on my database of men captured in 1914 and neither is it indicated on his medal index card (above) that he was a PoW. He was born in Orford, Suffolk, and enlisted at Framlingham, Suffolk. The CWGC notes that he was serving with 37 Battery when he died, whilst the International Red Cross PoW records reveal that he was 29 years old when he died, which means he must have been born in about 1886.
I believe William was unmarried. His entry in the Soldiers' Effects register notes that it was his father, Joseph, who received the money owing to him (over £21) in November 1915, as well as a further gratuity of £5 in November 1919.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.
Photo of Niederzwheren Cemetery courtesy of the North Irish Horse website.

Friday, 5 June 2015

253 Sgt Charles Kenneth Valentine 1/6th Manchester Regiment

403 British Army officers and men lost their lives on this day, one hundred years ago.

5th June 1915. An unspectacular day for many and yet of those 403 names, 203 are recorded on the Helles Memorial on Gallipoli; many of these, men from the Manchester Regiment who lost their lives in an attack on Turkish positions. At a stroke then, we can see that more than half of those who died or who were killed on this day, have no known grave.

253 Sergeant Charles Kenneth Valentine of the 1/6th Manchester Regiment is one of those 203 names. Soldiers Died in The Great war notes that he was born in Moss Side and enlisted at Manchester whilst the entry in the soldiers' effects register records his sister Annie as his sole legatee. She received seven pounds, one shilling and two pence and later a gratuity of five pounds.

Charles was born in 1883 in Manchester.  His birth was registered at Chorlton, Lancashire in the second quarter of that year. The last census on which he would appear was the 1911 census and this shows him living with five siblings at 5 The Polygon, Lower Broughton, Manchester. Charles is recorded as a trained and certificated 27-year-old elementary school teacher for Manchester City Corporation while his 42-year-old brother, William Hunt Valentine, also a certificated teacher, is noted as the head of the household. Other siblings noted are Annie Carrington Valentine, Elizabeth Thompson Valentine, Gertrude Louise Valentine, and George Hamilton Valentine. William Taylforth, a 28-year-old elementary school teacher and boarder brings the total household count up to seven.

Going back to the 1891 census, the first census that Charles appeared on, we see him living with his parents: 47-year-old George (an accountant) and his 48-year-old wife, Letitia J Valentine. There are ten children noted, in age order: Annie (23), William (21), Mary Alice (20), Elizabeth (18), Thomas (18), Gertrude (16), Margaret (12), George Hamilton Wardlow (9), Percy W (9) and Charles Kenneth (9). The striking thing about these siblings is their ages: two aged 18 and three aged 9.  Percy Wardlow Valentine though, was actually born in 1881 as was his brother George.

Charles's medal index card notes incorrectly that he died in July 1915. There are no surviving papers for this man but his regimental number certainly marks him out as an original member of this battalion, a man who would have joined in April 1908 and who almost certainly had seen service in the Volunteer Force prior to this. His date of arrival overseas is the date that the 5th and 6th Battalions of the Manchester Regiment landed on Gallipoli.

Going by the date of his birth registration, Charles would have been 32-years-old when he was killed at Gallipoli.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Bethune Town Cemetery - 10th May 1915

Bethune Town Cemetery would increase its grave count by 33 as a result of the actions of 10th May 1915 and the days immediately preceding it. The following men are all buried there; 33 men out of a total 701 British Army officers and men who lost their lives one hundred years ago today on the 10th May 1915.

S/7354 Private John Abercrombie 2nd Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
5/1887 Serjeant John Henry Barrett 5th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
18472 Private J P Boote 1st Bn, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
1366 Serjeant Arthur Henry Brabrook 3rd Bn, London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)
16515 Private W Brand 2nd Bn, Highland Light Infantry
L/10159 Private George Thomas Brazil 2nd Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
13770 Private W T Brewis 1st Bn, South Wales Borderers
9142 Rifleman James Castledine 2nd Bn, King's Royal Rifle Corps
5137 Corporal J Cremen 2nd Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers
11435 Private Herbert Dearden 3rd Bn, Coldstream Guards
Captain John Eric Evans 4th Bn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
2855 Private A Forse 24th Bn, London Regiment
9677 Private W French 2nd Bn, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
Lieutenant Thomas Martin Garrod 3rd Bn, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
26177 Gunner Charles Groves 7th Mountain Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery
12947 Private Bert Hodson 1st Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
Second Lieutenant Frederick Holmes Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
L/SR/2249 Private W Hopper 2nd Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
3/2069 Lance Corporal William Kerr 1st Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
12661 Private Robert Charles Kidman 1st Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
9864 Private P J Liddington 1st Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
13849 Private W J Lloyd 1st Bn, South Wales Borderers
14073 Private S H Matthews 1st Bn, South Wales Borderers
L/10330 Private Walter Message "C" Coy, 2nd Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
S/3014 Lance Corporal Joseph Milton 1st Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
9842 Corporal Hugh Morton 1st Bn, Cameron Highlanders
9865 Lance Corporal William Mckay "D" Coy, 1st Bn, Cameron Highlanders
4611 Lance Corporal John Nagle 3rd Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers
10134 Private Bertram Nind 1st Bn, Gloucestershire Regiment
10183 Private Michael O'Donnell 2nd Bn Royal Munster Fusiliers
3/6300 Private D Prentice 1st Bn, Cameron Highlanders
1029 Private A Rattray 1st Bn, Seaforth Highlanders
32831 Private David Rees Williams 1st Bn, Welsh Regiment

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